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dr00 · 41180

gambit cookin

When I was a l'il tyke I used to wake up early in the morn' to the smell o' grannily Lebeau's gumbo. Down'n N'ollins wit de crawdads crawin', that's de smell o' life to me....

But ya ain't here for my life story. You want de recipe, n'est pas? D'accord. So without further adieu, here de secret Lebeau cuisine.

de meats

Prep de Meat


Le's started wit de jambalaya. De first step is to decide how many o' you's eatin' dis fine feast. If you alone, just make sure you flippin' every round an' usin' all your tricks. Dat mean your good ol' Thief Extraordinaire in Alter-ego to remove some threat and set up for your boost or encounter card. Den you gotta confuse as much as you can wit Professor X and Creole Charmer. But dat's not necessary, especially if you invite de whole neighborhood to de cookout. In multiplayer, you don't need to flip as much, but you should still be flippin' most turns. Gen'rally I still flip every turn but sometime I'll take two turns in a row stayin' up.

After you decide dat, you ready to get started seasonin' de meat wit dat good ol' cajun seasonin', den sauté until nice an' brown. Take one o' dem slotted spoons and set it aside. We gon' need it for later.

What we got here is a lot o' flavors all workin' together. You can't 'ave jus' one, non?

  • Charged Card great for Overkill on minions, to pierce tough statuses, or to avoid retaliate. It's a bit more expensive compared to de other cards though, but it's modular, so you can just spend counters for what you need.
  • One by One is the most efficient attack, but only if you have a minion you need to defeat. If you just hittin' de villain, it don't do as much.
  • Precision Strike is a great way to heal up. Moment of Triumph just don't do well since it only works with Charged Card really, and your charge counters can make sure you get dat healin'. But den it don't do as well if you just want to attack de villain, just like One by One. Unlike One by One, you not getting that extra damage, so it's a trade-off no?
  • Royal Flush is one o' de best. It does 3 damage 3 times when you got 3 charge counters (remember dat you can't use the counter it give on itself. Just one o' dem timin' tings). But you can clear 3 minions, or put all de damage into de villain, some o' dis, some o' dat, whatever you need, but you need charge counters, and dis card is expensive, double de cost of most of o' de others, so you don't play it dat often. But when you do, it hit juuuust right, d'accord?
  • Surprise Attack may seem like a... surprise to be sure, but it's a welcome one, d'accord? You got plenty o' ways to pay for it wit de The X-Jet and Martial Prowess, and dere ain't notin' better den de feelin' o' shufflin' in one o' dose cards with Assault Training, flippin' up to hero, drawin' it off o' ol' Moira MacTaggert and playin' it right away.

chef's kiss

De most important ting is dat you are usin' de best attack for de job. We got lots goin' on in dis stew to make sure dat happen.

cajun crime

After dat, dis cajun seasin'll add a lot o' flavor.


Makin' de Base


A good jambalaya always end wit' a proper base. Be sure to add all dese ingredients early and let simmer for a few turn to get all de flavor. Mix in de Hall of Heroes, Moira MacTaggert, The X-Jet, and de Martial Prowess in a large pot, like dem ones for boilin'. Turn it up real high now and keep stirrin' it. Den right when it 'bout to boil, you turn it right down to a simmer and den add in everyting else. Now you gotta proper jambalaya make anyone jealous.

Hall of Heroes gets a lot o' use here because we flippin' a lot to alter-ego and drawin' cards's never been easier. Normally in other recipes you gotta wait till you get 6 tokens, flip, draw, then draw before you flip again on the next turn, but here you just flippin' anyway, so you can always draw at 3. Moira here to help dat card draw almost every other turn and really brings out de flavor of our spices like Surprise Attack--always a good surprise to draw one o' dose. Just remember de X-Jet ain't great for Alter-Ego. If you worried about somethin' like dat, you can always add a Honorary X-Men, but I don't tink it necessary. A li'l Martial Prowess go a long way. Helps pay for any attack event, but also get de kicker for Surprise Attack. Don't skip on it and get one o' dem off-brands Dis here primo and worth it to buy de real deal.

Side Dishes

You can't jus have jambalaya by itself! Be sure to add some side dishes. You c'n choose de best for you, but dis ol' cajun got some recommendation dujour.

  • Professor X is good for confusin' de villain and givin' you a reprieve in Alter-ego and Hero by blockin' a' attack as well. Good ol' Prof'll save you when you need it.
  • Rogue will do de same. I was de thief but she stole my heart, so how 'bout dat? She'll often be free to play with all your charge counters, and she a Tough lady--literally. That tough will save yer bacon.
  • Sunfire is a cheap ally that can do a lot o' tings, but most importantly, he can clear dose really tough attachments. If you don't need him for dat, there are some other options. We'll go over dem later.
  • Creole Charmer can help the Professor with confusin' de villain. Use your Thief Extraordinaire ability to get sometin' low and den clear it wit your charms.
  • Natural Agility is good sometimes. De best ting is you get charge counters when you use it, but if you have your trusty Gambit's Guild Armor, it helps you to ready.
  • The Thieves Guild is fine. It's extra thwarting and can sometimes draw you a card, but don't count on it. Dey's not the most reliable. Remember dat it remove 1 threat, not one additional, so you need sometin' exactly 1 threat remaining to get de card.
  • Battle Fury is great. You don't always need it, but generally try to use it if you're exhausted and ready to go down t'Alter-ego so you can thwart a la Thief Extraordinaire. In dose desperate times, you c'n heal up (for a net of 2 cos it deal you 1 damage, n'est pas? But sometime you really need it).
  • Gambit's Guild Armor is a 1 cost upgrade dat say: 'you always defend and sometimes you ready after'. It works great with Natural Agility, and helps you to keep up your Thief Extraordinaire.
  • Gambit's Staff is just free damage. Every time an enemy attack, you gone do 1 damage to it. If it got 1 health when it attack, he don't attack. It's an interrupt, so it's great for free damage but also sometime save yo' life.

it's a trap


Not everyting will work in dis recipe. Warrior Skill, Honed Technique, Energy, Genius, n' Stren'th all don't fittin' here. Dere's too many resources if you includin' all o' dis here. Heck, as it is we got too many, an' we only got deux! Honed is way too much setup when all our Aggression events only 1 cost. If you goin' for No Quarter, best go all de way and commit to it. It's good, but ain't doin' any good here.

An' dat big elephant in de room, Warrior Skill. It's great synergy here. You get 9 extra damage when you usin' all dem counters for Royal Flush, but how many time you draw de best hand? How many time you got 3 counters already, want to attack de villain, got enough counters, etc. etc. Sure, it happen a lot, but not 3 times per game. Aggressive Energy already do what you want it to do.

But dese are de cards dat almost made de cut:

  • Cosmo: a late edition thanks to teamcanadahockey2002; goes great with Thief Extraordinaire. It's untested cos well, I ain't thought of it, but it sounds kinda perfect.
  • Hulk / Throg: great for soakin' up some more damage, but Precision Strike did lots o' great work to keepin' tings healthy.
  • Psylocke: she great but she cost a pretty penny. If you need more confuse, like dose scenarios with lots o' villains. Definitely useful.
  • Angela / Looking for Trouble: dis not necessary. You can try to do it, but you lose a lot cos you're always diggin' for stuff wit Plan o' Attack. You don't need to dig for minions cos you drawin' enough with Hall of Heroes seein' as y'don' need t' wait 'til you get 6.
  • X-Men Instruction: dis a great card. Problem is you can get Rogue wit Mutant Education and dat's de best ally most o' de time. If'n you need more one-o-one time wit de Prof, maybe throw in one o' dese.
  • X-Mansion's not bad but not necessary. You don't really need de healin' for me, and most allies dey's jus temporary. If'n you playin' multiplayer and someone need an X-Mansion, might as well be you.
  • X-Gene is good if you want to play your own events more than your Aggression ones, especially for Creole Charmer, since de ol' The X-Jet can't do it. I find de Aggression events usually doin' de trick most o' de time, but Creole Charmer definitely gets a lot of use.

Special thanks to journeyman2, Schmendrix, & Man-is-Obsolete for all de testing and recommendations. De most important ting to remember now is good cajun cookin' take time. You rush it? And next ting you know, some angry brit yellin' at you in your kitchen. So do it right, an bon appetit!

it's RAW


Mar 06, 2023 journeyman2 · 21764

Another masterful write-up!

This deck is good y’all!

Mar 06, 2023 Schmendrix · 5192

Like a lot of great decks, you kind of have to experience it to really understand how good it is. It always seems to have answers, I've never seen an awkward draw. I have looked at bad board states and dr00 is always like, "I'm going to have a crazy turn."

Mar 06, 2023 dr00 · 41180

@journeyman2 yeah, i think in some ways this as just as much your list as it is mine. you really pushed me to keep with it and made the case for Surprise Attack which i likely wouldn't have considered.

@Schmendrix lmao yeah i think i said that like 3 times last night alone and to be fair, gambit did indeed pop off

Mar 07, 2023 Man-is-Obsolete · 4293

Great write up and this deck brings the pain! Gambit can really dish it out.

Mar 07, 2023 VJakson · 23

Whoo’ee!! Gonna be eatin’ fine tonight wit dis here, recipe!

Mar 08, 2023 chaodck · 58

Great concept and fantastic writeup mate. As always top work!

Mar 08, 2023 dr00 · 41180

@Mikepelf getyu a plate before it's all gone!

@VJakson errybody invited c'mon down!

@chaodck thanks so much! really appreciate it :D

Mar 09, 2023 Stretch · 387

The card choice with dis hero and AE traits is beautiful, really fits the recipe analogy. Such an ideal cost curve, seasoned with Assess the Situation in a way dat I never thought of, to add flexibility between turns. I always avoided that card TBH. Encore, I feel like dis was aimed at multiplayer, non? I can't see precision strike keeping you healthy enough in harder solo games, cuz you need to use Thief Extraordinaire if you flip down. I'll have to try dis.

Mar 09, 2023 dr00 · 41180

@Stretch glad you like it! always happy to spread the appreciation for Assess the Situation. i did about half and half testing for solo and multiplayer. i think that flipping down a lot helps with survivability since you are not the target of attacks as often, but there's also professor x, rogue, and sunfire to chump block many attacks, plus you have 3 DEF, so i defend a lot, especially with guild armor available. obviously some damage comes through, so i include precision strike to help keep him healthy, but i've actually had many times where it would only heal for 1 (which was also fine, but just highlighting that it doesn't seem to be an issue in my experience).

Mar 11, 2023 Sluggie · 4

Would Utopia be a better choice than Battle Fury? It'll stick around for 1 mana more but be re-usable and without the damage.

Mar 11, 2023 dr00 · 41180

@Sluggie there are only 3 allies in the deck, so it's not super reliable actually, even with Mutant Education. although it's just 1 extra resource difference, Battle Fury is mostly a backup and not a primary option, and you want to keep up the tempo as much as possible. i think it's worth testing though! especially if you play it a bit differently

Mar 12, 2023 Master_GM · 572

So you are saying that Precision Strike healing gets a boost with "Throw de Card"?

Mar 12, 2023 dr00 · 41180

@Master_GM sorry if i wasn't clear, what i mean is that you can more easily trigger it. for enemies with 3-5 (or more health), you'd need to attack them first, then try to use Precision Strike once it's down to 1-2 health. with Throw de Card, you can use counters to make up the difference in damage. it's especially useful for enemies at 3 health so you can apply your other attacks elsewhere.

Mar 21, 2023 Danielsun · 1

Gambit is a beast with this setup! My wife and I played last night against Sabertooth in campaign mode. We've been trying to beat it for a week now with no success until I found your write up. My wife is usually Protection Rogue with android allies and at one point we had two Mystique minions in play. But we crushed it! Thanks!

Mar 22, 2023 dr00 · 41180

@Danielsun hey that's so great to hear! glad you had so much success with it. Sabretooth is indeed a beast. are you playing the campaign?

Feb 12, 2024 Chickcharnee · 1

I love this deck! But curious, in your write up about Surprise Attack and it feeling good to use Assault Training, shuffle in SA, Flip to Hero, Draw with Moira and then play SA... Isn't SA not able to trigger since you used an action (Moira) right after flipping to the Hero therfore not being able to fulfill its SA's response requirement? I'm pretty new to the game, but If this happened to me in this scenario i wouldn't have thought I could use Surprise Attack. Very happy to be proven wrong!

Feb 14, 2024 dr00 · 41180

@Chickcharnee hey, thanks for your comment! i'm glad you're enjoying the deck :D

yes, response windows are very generous in this game. i agree that it doesn't seem intuitive that you can do it, but i think the general rule of thumb, is that you can take as many responses as you want until you do some other action (or other game action, like going to another enemy attack).

it's important to clarify that both Moira MacTaggert and Surprise Attack are both responses, not actions, which is specifically why they are able to work this way. you are correct that if Moira was an action, like Avengers Mansion, it would not work.

Feb 22, 2024 Chickcharnee · 1

@dr00 That makes so much sense! You're right, I didn't catch that Moira is a response, not an action. My thinking has been Response is a type of an Action... not that Response and Action are separate categories all together. Like i said before, so happy to be proven wrong!

May 12, 2024 dr00 · 41180

@Chickcharnee no worries! glad to help :D