Aldrif Odinsdottir


Asgard. Guardian.

Cost: 0.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 0.

Erzwungene Reaktion: Nachdem Angela unter deiner Kontrolle ins Spiel gekommen ist, durchsuche die obersten 10 Karten des Begegnungsdecks nach einem Schergen und bringe ihn mit dir im Kampf ins Spiel. Mische das Begegnungsdeck. Falls auf diese Weise kein Scherge ins Spiel gebracht wurde, lege Angela ab

Gamora #11.

This is an auto-include for Thor. Another 0 cost card to proc "Have At Thee!" along the lines of Defender of the Nine Realms with the upside of a 3 health, 2 attack ally. She is also tutorable with For Asgard!. Angela could also be useful for other decks running cards like Into the Fray who want to have a legal minion target most turns.

Butthorn · 11
Damn right!!! Incredible for Thor! You don't mill the encounter deck as with defender of the nine realms, you choose from the 10 cards of the encounter... put in play a 2 hp minion, draw 2 cards, get rid of the minion with Angela and you still have a 2 dgm attack and a block next turn. Absolutely insane value! — neothechosen · 10356
Sorry it won't let me put more likes! — neothechosen · 10356
If there is a 2 health minion... — zephyr100 · 25
Bah! You could pick a 5 hp minion, attack with Thor too and it still would be a deal. And since this is aggro you'd probably include into the fray or relentless assault or there's always hammer throw... Angela still is incredible any way you look at it. — neothechosen · 10356