Brains over Brawn

Question: If I thwart with Venom and use modifiers (like his pistols and/or "making an entrance"), would those bonuses to that base THW be included in this attack?

I would think since it's a response, it would count.

JRyder05 · 1
Since its a response, and "response opportunity occurs immediately after its triggering condition has been resolved." The basic thwart will have completely finished resolving and any bonuses for that action will have lapsed. — Death by Chocolate · 1
Winter Soldier

Awesome card if you draw it after 2/3 rounds. Basically a free solid ally. As Black Widow generally has 3 or 4 or even more "preparations" card in play. Solid 4 health, 2 int and 2 attack. May benefit an leadership deck with ally upgrades.

Axios · 1
Great Responsibility

Can you instantly defeat a side scheme that comes into play with this card by taking the amount of threat it comes in with as damage, or is this only for like slowing down the main scheme typically?

For instance, does this combo with One Way or Another?

How does this work with a card like Breakin' & Takin', where it comes in with threat as the When Revealed effect? Would it prevent the revealed only, all of the threat, or none of it?

Tromdial · 5
For your first question - In the Official FAQ, it says "Side schemes enter play with threat already on them, meaning threat is not 'placed' at this point". Thus, it would not work with One Way or Another. I'm honestly not sure about how it works with Breakin' & Takin' — Stretch22 · 56
For breakin' and takin', I believe there are two answers: 1, when you setup the game (playing Rhino expert, thus, resolving setup with Rhino II in play), there's no way you can prevent the extra threath per player because this step comes in before you even draw your cards. IF, however, breakin' and takin' comes in at another point in the game, as it states "PLACE 1 additional threath per player", then I believe Great Responsability applies. — neothechosen · 2365
Energy Channel

Just a question...

Can I use this without counter on it to discard a stunned card? I really wonder if it's a possibility. Looks possible regarding the Hulk 0 CTR use to remove Confused status card, but if I look on the other side, is it an ability "who doesn't change the game"? People tell me sometimes yes, others no. Then... I'm Confused.

Babylonus · 9
No. The rule on costs is 'An ability’s cost cannot be paid if the resolution of that ability’s effect could not change the game state.' so the cost (discard energy channel) cannot be played unless the ability (deal 2 damage) can do something, which it can't with zero counters. — adsarf · 145
Band Together

In my opinion worst card for a leadership deck that came out so far: if you have it in the opening hand it doesn't generate a resource as there might be no allies on the board. If I want to use it, I would need "big allies" which are more costly, but as they are more costly, the don't get played a lot in the decks; I still prefer the power of leadership, as it is more consistent for every leadership decks I've played

il_matthew · 27
I have to disagree. I think this plays more like a Strength or Genius than a “Power of” card. Sure it might be dead in your opening hand (though with mulligan, your first turn is almost always fully efficient), but leadership decks should have no problem getting allies out. A lot of cards cost 2 or more, so we don’t even need “big allies” to make this a good card — Stretch22 · 56
I generally agree with you that power of leadership is better. Like most cards however there are edge cases where this does better. This cards resources can be used for anything instead of only for leadership cards. Also if you have 3+ allies out like when you are playing a "Voltron" deck where you are powering up your allies instead of killing them. — calderc23 · 71
So keep a Quinjet or two in your deck, hold it if you somehow get it in your opening hand, and keep one or two utility allies like Maria Hill with low costs on 'em so you can be sure to get at least one out in the first 3 or 4 turns. And play heavily on your Alter Ego side. At any rate, this particular "no ally" scenario is a pretty hard edge case, it's really tough to not have an ally in your first few turns even if you're playing an ally-thin deck; which, if you're playing Leadership, tf are you even doing? — KLSanchez · 1