This card is the absolute crux of any Honey Badger Voltron build. Frankly, it's a centerpiece for any X-23 deck that has an interest in the extra 'readies' that Honey Badger provides.

Even if you aren't doing a Honey Badger Voltron, this card is amazing because it recycles an ally every time that ally is eliminated. And not in a weak-sauce way, where you shuffle the card into your deck. Straight. To. Your. Hand. The insanity bit is that this card recurses a specific ally that readies the hero when the ally takes damage. Even if you chump block with her, this card will justify that cost repeatedly.

if you have a deck built around having Honey Badger ready X-23? This is the card you absolutely HAVE to get to the table.

I don't love that you have to discard an X-23 card, but since you can only use one Claw Mastery per turn, that's a solid sacrifice candidate.

MacGhille · 215
Sisterly Bond

This is one of those times that I think one copy kind ruins the card's appeal.

This is a fantastic card that plays directly into the synergy between X-23 and her intrinsic ally. But to only allow it to happen once? So sad.

I get that X-23 and Honey Badger synergize so well that they decided to be careful. But I honestly think that the X-23 pack would be better with two of these and one less Claw Mastery. Particularly since you can only use one of those per round.

That said, this can be a devastating card on a round where X-23 fully buffs her ATK with X-23's Claws and Claw Mastery.

I just feel like X-23 is so susceptible to retaliation and has to make so many attacks in a game, that another copy of this card would be reasonable.

But it would probably make it so that X-23 was only played as a Honey Badger voltron deck, so maybe they made the right call?

Nah. Give me two of these and let me worry about which aspect I play X-23 in. lol

MacGhille · 215
Regenerative Longevity

This card is fantastic, particularly when you are leaning into the Honey Badger 'repeated readying' approach, as it gives Honey Badger an extended lifespan.

For the most part, X-23 can heal to an incredible degree, but since her hero ability requires you to deal damage to her, this card makes that less painful and also lets you repair Honey Badger for some additional X-23 'readies'.

I understand why they only included two of these. Three would have made the late-game -after thinning your deck of support and upgrades- a cake-walk for X-23.

MacGhille · 215
Claw Mastery

Holy crap.

First of all, let's acknowledge that Honey Badger is almost always going to be in play thanks to Sisterhood.

Next, we should appreciate that +2 ATK generally works out to at least 4 damage with X-23 due to her kit's ability to ready her repeatedly. There's a reason you can only use one of these per round, am I right?

Imagine you are paying a leadership deck and can buff/ready Honey Badger so she can trigger at least two 'readies' for X-23. Then you play Go All Out. That is a remarkable round, before we even add in other potential buffs.

Love this card.

Though I might have wanted one less in her kit, since you can only use one per round.

MacGhille · 215
Animal Instinct

This is beautiful.

X-23 has several ways to enhance her ATK stat, so allowing her to plow those bonuses into a Thwart is amazing. Particularly since she can easily ready and perform a basic action a second time.

My only disappointment is that it only works for a single Thwart action. But if they hadn't imposed that restriction, she could easily remove all of the threat from the table in a single round. (See Honey Badger)

Still a wonderful card given the bonuses her other upgrades confer.

MacGhille · 215