This is a card I never leave out of a Cable deck. It's also my go-to support for a Mutant deck playing Build Support since when you grab the bunker with it, you'll already have Build Support in the victory display. With one side scheme down, this straight up draws a card every turn in Alter-Ego, making it an Avengers Mansion that's cheaper by 2. Once you get up to 4 or 5 side schemes defeated, it's truly bananas as you can draw exactly what you need every turn. Outside of Cable, it's a little worse, but with at least 2 player side schemes in a deck, I'll always consider it.

Stretch22 · 436
Concussive Blast

Just got done in by this card when using Deadpool..

What previously was a card that didn't do much..now it's a hero killer for Deadpool (in Wade AE mode...)

Flipped down to AE, hp dial to 1 and added an acc. token... Encounter drew this and killed Wade off....:(

Podbreaker · 3
Flash Freeze

This is probably the best hero defense card in entire game. Someone said why when there is already Backflip or Shield Block that can negate all incoming damage? Ok, but Storm card can negate all incoming attack! Not only once, but potentially any number. Minus 3 ATK is sometimes enough to take no harm from the villain, and really only a few minion hit for 4. Flash Freeze also had additional value with Blizzard so minion with really bad text box can be nothing more that a small paper card :)

nosiak · 26

Much like the same I said from my Preemptive Strike review, but the same principle applies:

The rules change to Defense makes this card much stronger than it looks. It can make you a Defending character long after the basic defense window is passed, but the real power of this card lies in its power to save a Tough card. Effectively, you make a basic defense when attacked by the Villain. This lowers the Villain's attack by your defense. Defiance takes out the Villan's boost card. What does this mean? It means if the Villain's attack is equal to or lower than your defense, its attack is zero. With no boost cards, it will deal no damage. Which means any existing Tough cards you have on you are saved for another attack! I find this card is great in Protection cards that run Tough, like Doctor Strange or Colossus!

I also run this with Tony, using Energy Barriers to deflect the Villain's base damage.

Soulfire · 16
Two Against the World

One of the better Team-Up cards. Not only do both of these men have an additional version of their matching Ally to increase targeting chances, but the effect itself is very solid. As another reviewer pointed out it does not check hand or discard pile, though both men have means to get around this through Rhodey's alter-ego action and Stark Tower. Furthermore, the power itself is ideal for both heroes - they are extremely reliant on their upgrades. A well timed Arc Reactor drop or Shoulder Cannon can change the game. Remember you are not putting the card into your hand, but directly into play. This means that at a 3 cost, this is straight up paying for the Arc Reactor entirely! Throw in a double Ready action, and this is easily in the top 5 best Team Up cards alongside Beauty And The Thief and Shadow And Steel.

Soulfire · 16