I think Dogpool's best use is to block twice (possibly 3 times) and clear out. The ability to ATK 1 repeatedly with no consequential damage is not powerful enough imo to outweigh the acceleration icon, but you may get some use out of it in the "bad icon" 'Pool strategy. Dogpool is at least not as disastrous as the hazard icon allies are, but if you are building for power level there are plenty of basic allies I would play over this card.

Stretch22 · 518

I really like this card. It is a very solid all rounder card that is good for almost all Cyclops decks. I also really like the art here, except her face is in a very weird expression. The quote is also great showing the bond between Ms. Grey and Cyclops. Ok, so on paper this card is 3 2 2 3 (3 cost, 2 thwart, 2 attack, 3 health). But her response allows her to grab any Cyclops card so it basically goes down to a 2 2 2 3, which is insanely strong with no drawbacks. I almost always play this card when it is in my hand and wouldn't make any changes to it.

Rating: (A+:C-) A

tunicv · 314
The Best Defense…

This is a cool idea for a card but doesn't really work out in practice. If you've boosted your attack enough to want to play this, you should just be using your attack as your basic activation and not defending. If you search the site for decks using this card, there are a lot of Brute Force decks that build up a high ATK stat and use it for this card, Quick Strike, and Smash the Problem. This looks like a fun casual strategy but it crazy inefficient if you are building for power. It's also in a few Ghost-Spider lists since it's an Interrupt you can play during the villain phase.

Stretch22 · 518
Honorary Avenger

I should know bette than to argue with with HoH ruling, but I must since I feel they got it wrong here. The rules define “identity” as “a player card type that represents which character a player is playing in the game. A player’s identity card is a double-sided card that represents their hero on one side and their alter-ego on the other. The side that is face up indicates the form (hero or alter-ego) that player is currently in. Each player begins the game in alter-ego form. If a card refers to a hero or alter-ego by title, it refers only to the identity with that title, and not to the other side of the card.” Since this card requires your “identity” to have the avengers trait, this applies to both sides of your double-sided card, since it does not refer to any one form (alter-ego or hero). Thematically it makes more sense as well.. because why would Cap lose his authority to recruit an Honorary Avenger just because he and flipped to civilian side? I have a hard time imagining him saying “Sorry Star-Lord. I’d love to recruit you, but as you can see, I’ve already changed clothes so I no longer have the authority to make you that offer.” Similarly, new characters with mutant traits don’t lose those traits based on what costume they are wearing…. They are still mutants because their identity (either side/form) says so.

Melosh007 · 1
Yeah, no. If you are in alter ego, you can not play this card. Unless, of course, while in hero form, you have already played it on yourself. — chearns · 1
If you want to house rule that traits are kept between hero and alter-ego, that's one thing, but that's not what the rules say. The third bullet of the Identity section in the RRG states that the faceup side of an Identity card is considered to be in play, while the facedown side is considered to be out of play. A character would not have traits from a card that is considered to be out of play. — Leethus · 15

Probably good for 2 blocks and 6 attack, which is pretty reasonable for a 4-cost ally. The response seems pretty niche, especially in single player play. I can't come up with a whole lot of reasons why playing a Hero action event in the villain phase is superior to just waiting for your turn, though it might let you take out a minion before it activates.

MightySchoop · 34