Crisis Interdiction

Multitasking makes this card look so much worse to me now. 1 cost for multitasking but you have to use a mental resource to activate the second part, which isn't really an issue for a justice deck OR 2 cost and you have to have played a 2 cost upgrade prior to playing this card for the same effect. It's effectively 6ER on a hero card for the same effect as 2ER on an aspect card.

trowa060 · 9
Multitasking can't be used to heal one damage and draw a card with Rechannel, or do two damage through Energy Channel. Captain Marvel is powerful enough with her current cards, I think. — adsarf · 158

This card is sort of the classic Aggression card, but in a negative way, it kind of exemplifies how the designers don't like to give Aggression good cards. 5 damage for 4 effective resources is just not good enough, you should be getting 1.5 damage per resource. But the problems with this card go beyond mere efficiency. It is an expensive card with fairly high damage, which is not particularly good as it tends to overkill some of the minions, you would often rather have cheaper cards that do damage in smaller increments. More significant than that is that the cost of 3 is high enough to reach the point where playing a cost 3 ally would be a more efficient way of dealing damage. But the most disappointing thing about this card is that even if you do make a point of putting it in your deck and not putting in any better alternatives, and you get into a scenario where you really do need to deal damage, it can still end up sitting in your hand because most heroes have a fair number of hero-specific attack cards, and designers are not shy about making hero-specific cards which really are very efficient and far better than Uppercut, so you would rather be playing them.

Uppercut isn’t useless, sometimes you draw it when you need to deal damage and don't have a better card. And it kind of comes into its own at the very end of the game when all you care about is dealing damage and you are happy to find any card in your hand that focuses purely on dealing damage. It is just a disappointing card that I stopped using once I got enough expansions to have more choice in what cards to put in the deck.

cnalexander · 43
Combat Training

Combat training is one of these cards whose efficiency is kind of doubtful but I like using it anyway. Compared to other standard permanents it really isn't very good. It only costs one less than a Helicarrier, but a point of damage is much less useful than a resource, and it only gives you that point of damage on turns where you use your basic action to attack, meaning it does not work on turns where you thwart, or defend, or recover, or use an action to remove an attachment, or are exhausted by an encounter card, or exhaust to remove an obligation or perform any other effect. That totals up to quite a lot of turns where you can't use it. Some characters have ways to attack more than once per turn and thus gain more than one damage per turn from this card, but except in the very strongest cases this doesn't really happen often enough to fully overcome all the turns where you can't use it. And characters who are extremely good at making multiple attacks per turn also tend to have high thwart values that make you want to double thwart instead of double attack.

Nevertheless, having another power up permanent in your deck can be handy, and it is just fun to permanently improve one of your combat statistics and permanently become a more powerful attacker. And you could be casual in when you play it, ignoring it if you don't have the resources for it, or playing it when you don't need damage so that you have more damage when you do need it, or maybe you can wait to play it cheaply with Power of Aggression.

Generally you want to give this card to a character who never thwarts or defends, only attacks. And having a few cards that let you double attack, like One-Two punch, is a nice plus. Or you can give it to a character like Captain America who usually thwarts but has a decent attack and is extremely good at making multiple attacks per turn, just because it is fun to give him a balanced 3 ATK and 2 THW and give him more interesting tactical flexibility.

cnalexander · 43

Although the Hulk’s attack has a lot of very legitimate disadvantages, the key thing to remember about him is that he is so inexpensive to play that he is arguably effective even if you never attacked with him ever. After all, minions with cost 2 usually only have 2 hit points and are mostly used to block attacks. With the Hulk’s hit point total of 5, he is tough enough to sometimes survive an attack by the villain. Or he can predictably block multiple attacks by minions before taking a big hit from the villain. A cheap cost 2 minion who can block 1-2 full villain attacks is decent minion, the ability to attack also is kind of an extra bonus. That said, he is much more fun to attack with, and if you want to attack with him you pretty much need a deck that is massively stacked with physical resources. Fortunately, that is a common subclass of aggression deck even without the Hulk, there are lots of cards that support a heavy “Fist” deck. So mostly I put the Hulk in that kind of deck, and he is great fun as a powerful but chaotic and risky attacker.

cnalexander · 43

This card, like Down Time, is a game changing card that becomes one of the primary generic power ups alongside Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier (though obviously less powerful and cheaper). Any character whose design is limited by not having enough hit points can take this card to fix the problem. Examples include Ms. Marvel herself (her recovery is too high for her hit points) and Spider-Man (not enough hit points to take full advantage of Aunt May's incredible healing power), or really any character with only nine or ten hit points who wants to avoid suddenly and unexpectedly dying.

Even if you think of this card as a healing card rather than a statistic boost, it is still clearly pretty solid. It gives three points of healing for only two resources, which I would consider to be an acceptable rate of return for something that only works on identities, with the advantage that it can heal you even if you aren't wounded, but with the disadvantage that it only works once on one character, which isn't really a disadvantage if you only put one of these in your deck.

cnalexander · 43