Some of the comments here are dated. With the 1.5 errata it was decided to "nerf" Cosmo and limit this card to encounter deck and player deck, so Doctor Strange can't benefit from this card regarding the invocation deck:

" Cosmo (Star-Lord, 20/Nebula, 20) was originally written to allow him to interact with any deck in the game. Many players have found him an invaluable companion for Doctor Strange and his invocation deck. However, we have found over time that this flexibility creates obstacles when we are trying to design scenarios or heroes who have a special deck that would be negatively affected by Cosmo’s ability. For that reason, we have decided to restrict Cosmo’s ability to only affecting player decks and the encounter deck, which still provides him a great deal of flexibility without standing in the way of new designs "

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"Now I'm Mad"

Does symbiote suit increase the cutoff for this? Please tell me as soon as possible. Also I need to increase my charachter count so Thanks Thanks and Thanks again. Sicerely you kind caring , cool frien BoardGameKid

BoardGameKid · 61
Symbiote Suit does not increase your starting hit points. From RR 1.5: "The phrase 'starting hit points' refers to an identity's printed hit point value". For example, on X-23 the ability is active when she has 4 hp or fewer regardless of if she has a symbiote suit attached — Stretch22 · 436
Temporal Shield

How does multiple copies of Temporal Shield work? Does the same attack trigger both (so you would take 2 damage, but both Shields would be discarded)? Since they are seperate instances of damage, I could use an Energy Barrier charge on each one (as long as I have the charges)?

I feel like the "Max 1 per attack" answers this. Only 1 gets triggered per attack — Stretch22 · 436
Sneak Attack

I'am suprised, that this card don't have review yet. It provides a new archetype to Leadership. You can play many expensive ally and create great combo. For example you can play Beast, and get a resource card for basically play him for free (and get a attack or thwart). But be wary! Sneak Attack effect get put in play, so ally like Miles Morales (play for your hand) is not the right target for this event.

Rating (A-C) B+ Good card with great potential that can be unleashed with some setup.

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Swinging Web Kick

Swinging Web Kick is a card from the core set that still holds up today. It has excellent art that really shows him swinging and then kicking the crap out of the villain. It is effectively 4 resources (3 + the card) to do 8 damage. That is really strong. The card can do a lot of damage to the villain and take down most beefy minions. It also has the superpower trait so cards like Deft Focus can help pay for Swinging Web Kick. I would personally change it to only 6 damage and a stun which is a lot more versatile, but I do not think it needs any changes.

Rating: (A-C) A-

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