Test the Defense

Just from my experience, I feel like this card takes too long to be worth it. For example maybe you put this card into play turn 1, then play one attack event every turn after. That's 6 turns for this one card to do 5 damage. I'd rather use the 2 effective cost for something else.

pebokun · 22
you're not wrong per se, but Test the Defense is supposed to be a late game damage dealer that you set up for ahead of time. It's not a forced response, so you can choose when you set off the 5 damage, and sometimes you can make it take out a big nemesis minion or push the villain to flip or defeat outright. in low player counts, 5 damage is a decent chunk of the health, and even at 4 player counts, 5 damage is nothing to sneeze at. are there going to be times you don't get to make it pay off? sure. but in those games, you tend to be steamrolling anyway. — Ensign53 · 53

A good use I have found for this card is using it as an alternative to First Aid for a voltron X-Men ally. Since we have Suit Up now as a means of accelerating the development of a Voltron ally, we can save deck space by running Triage (instead of First Aid) and using the extra copies of Suit Up to find Triage (and an ally upgrade). Conveniently, Triage is an X-Men so we can find Training upgrades when we tutor him with Suit Up.

Even for general use this is a great card. Low cost, and the healing can either protect your X-Men hero or get you more activations out of an X-Men ally (the latter of which can be very efficient).

Brains Over Brawn

Other commenters have pointed out that this card is basically almost always worse than Haymaker. The only silver lining that I can see is that it's a Hero Response, so Ghost-Spider can possibly get some use out of it, but then again she only has 1 THW so this isn't exactly the best option.

But the reason I'm posting this review is because, is the art on this card from the scene in Spider-Man Homecoming where Spider-Man saves the boat from being split in half? I never thought I would see an MCU reference in Marvel Champions!

Skilled Investigator

I almost never play a justice deck without at least one copy of this card. Against villains with plenty of side schemes like Red Skull I'd say it's a no-brainer to have a copy for every single player in your deck (obviously limited by 3). Zero costs make this card additionally attractive, so picking it or not is basically just a question of opportunity costs (and at least right now I don't see 25 better cards in case of heavy-side-scheme-villains).

Mutants at the Mall

That awkward feeling when you are playing Jubilee hero and the game instructs you to discard your hero because you defeated a side scheme. But seriously, we have three ways to rule this weird interaction (playing Jubilee as your identity and dealing with the forced Jubilee ally):

1) Jubilee ally does not enter play and is removed from the game. Since your not responsabile for her being defeated, which was the RAI, I believe she does not go to the victory display to lower the point tally.

2) Jubilee ally goes directly to your discard pile and will basically only serve as a dead discardable card when she is eventually drawn. Since your not responsabile for her being defeated, which was the RAI, I believe she does not go to the victory display to lower the point tally.

3) Pretend the scenario ally has another random name that is not Jubilee. This way, you get to use the ally just like she was designed. Maybe pretend there's a multiverse, just like some people do with the Nebula x Nebula situation.

Option 3 seems best to me, what do you think?