Gegenstand. Waffe.

Cost: 1.

Held Unterbrechung: Sobald ein Gegner angreift, erschöpfe Gambits Stab → füge dem Gegner 1 Schaden zu.

"Du willst mit Gambit kämpfen, oui?" -- Gambit
V. D'Ambrosio & J. Mena Guerrero
Gambit #4. Gambit #3.
Gambits Stab

I absolutely love this card in an Aggression build with Honed Technique + Fusillade (+ Charges if necessary). It’s a cheap weapon that’s already in his deck so you can focus on attack events with your other cards. Plus, if you’re dealing with minions that frequently get a Tough status, you can include Jarnbjorn in your deck and use Gambit’s Staff to ping Tough off and still activate Honed Technique + Fusillade.

Kooz · 5

I don't love this card. A Retaliate that only works once per round? I'm confident someone could build a 'weapon ready' deck that keeps this card useful, but that would be at the expense of making legitimately good cards MORE useful.

I guess I'm just miffed that my boy Gambit got short-changed with his signature weapon.

Frankly, it should do a LOT more. First of all, it should just be an outright retaliate:1. Secondly, he should be able to exhaust it to either deal an additional point of damage or deal damage to a separate enemy. I feel like the Darth Maul fight from Phantom Menace makes all of my points for me...

And Fantasy Flight is so deep into Star Wars for their bottom line that it's shameful no one on the design team had more respect for a quarterstaff.

MacGhille · 246
You're missing an important detail about this card. It triggers "when an enemy attacks", not "when an enemy attacks YOU". You can use this when an enemy attacks anyone, so it unique and has different usage compared to retaliate — erikw1984 · 6
It's also worth pointing out that the Staff's ability is an Interrupt; it can deal the point of damage *before* the attacking enemy lands a hit. That's not going to be relevant all the time, but there will be times where you can prevent damage and/or nasty effects by defeating a minion before they deal damage. — Leethus · 16