Cost: 3.

Held Aktion (Angriff): Füge einem Schergen 6 Schaden zu. Füge jeden überschüssigen Schaden, der durch diesen Angriff zugefügt wird, entferne 1 Bedrohung vom Hauptplan.

Wasp #13.
Ins Getümmel stürzen

This is one of the few actually good aggression attack events. I tend to find aggression a rather weak aspect and treasure good cards like this which can really make an impact on the game.

Tactically, the key to understanding this card is that, since a point of thwart is better than a point of damage, whenever possible you really want to use your other attacks to reduce the minion down to one or two hit points before you hit them with Into the Fray, in order to maximize the amount of threat removal.

cnalexander · 123
This will go nicely with Honed Technique! — chumbathewumba · 1