Janet Van Dyne


Avenger. Fliegend

Cost: 0.
Health: 0.
Attack: 3. Thwart: 1.

Wasp bekommt +1 Lebenspunkt für jeden Pym-Marker auf ihr.

Unterbrechung: Sobald Wasp ins Spiel kommt, platziere 1 Pym-Marker auf ihr für jede -Ressource, die du für Wasps Kosten zu viel bezahlt hast (bis zu einem Maximum von 3).

David Curiel & Piper Lamaz
Wasp #12.

Wasp is a great card if your deck has the ability to pay for her, For every you spend you get 3 damage. In my book that makes her one of the best allies dealing damage so I include her a lot in my red decks. For example, is easy for Captain Marvel to pay for Wasp, beacause Energy Absorption and the fact that you are likelly making a deck with a lot of resources anyway. So if you see a way to pay for her I think it is one of the first allies you must include in your deck.

Clintparker13 · 116