Cost: 0.

Held Aktion (Widerstand): Lege Karten vom Begegnungsdeck ab, bis du einen Schergen ablegst. bringe den Schergen mit dir im Kampf ins Spiel → entferne 3 Bedrohung von einem Plan.

Thor #3. Thor #2-4.
Beschützer der neun Welten

+2 cards and -3 threat in exchange for a minion which will likely die from a hammer throw? Easily Thor's best card. I will always play this unless there's no threat on the scheme for some reason. However there are some villains like Rhino who has less minions in their deck so watch out for that.

gustave154 · 21
Also found it to be a resource agains Ultron and made matters worse in the Wrecking Crew as I went thru the encounter deck of that particlar villain. I'm sure it's great "normally" — knotilla · 1