Shiro Yoshida



Cost: 2.
Health: 2.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 1.

Reaktion: Nachdem du Sunfire von deiner Hand gespielt hast, gib eine -Ressource aus → wähle einen Anhang mit "Held - Aktion" oder "Held - Reaktion" und lege ihn ab.

Wolverine #14.

Sunfire is the 'Villain Boost Assassin'. Unfortunately, I feel like he got shortchanged by being a 'after you play' ally.

Since the rest of his stats are so average to meaningless, his special ability is the only reason to include him.

And while that special ability is amazing, it only triggers when he is put into play. Which means he is most valuable as a potential card, which is a horrible trait in Champions, as holding cards reduces your effectiveness.

MacGhille · 246
Rest of his stats average to meaningless? A 1/2/2 for 2 is a great baseline. You're right it hurts to hold a card, but you get solid efficiency for playing him with no attachment to discard (and insane value if there is) — Stretch22 · 557
A Cyclops leadership deck could potentially make really effective use of the ability since you have a few extra ways to get allies to your hand through aspect cards — HandsomeRay · 1

Does Sunfire's response trigger when he is "put into play from hand" (rather than "played from hand")? For example, would his response trigger if he is put into play via Mutant Protectors? I am not sure if it is the case for MC, but other card games clearly distinguish between "playing" and "putting into play".

AJ_800 · 2
It would not, Playing and Putting into play are two different things in this game unfortunately! Nick Fury has a nice contrast to Sunfire with his wording if you are curious! — NelsonAllOver · 4705
Rules page 22: « Playing a card involves paying the card’s cost and placing the card in the play area. This causes the card to enter play (or, in the case of an event card, to resolve its ability and be placed in the discard pile). » so no, unfortunately. — batman · 20