Angriff. Superkraft.

Cost: 3.

Held Aktion (Angriff): Platziere 1 Ladungsmarker auf Gambit.

Füge einem Gegner 0 Schaden zu.

Füge einem Gegner 0 Schaden zu.

Füge einem Gegner 0 Schaden zu.

"Verdeckt eure Augen, mes amis. Diese 'and wird euch ein'eizen!" -- Gambit
Allie Preswick
Gambit #7. Gambit #8-9.
Royal Flush

This card was mad hyped when Gambit's cards were announced and definitely overshadowed charged card. It definitely lives up to that hype all the +1 damage aggression cards finally have their maximum value with this card and playing it at 15 damage (or more) potentially in a multiplayer setting is super exciting for the whole table I guarantee you that. This card in summary, truely represents the destruction and power of Gambit's kinetic charged cards.

LoveMePlease · 17

This card blatantly declared that the FFG designers want us to use cards that provide bonuses for the entire round. Useless on its own, Royal Flush becomes an overpowered beast when paired with any card that increases ATTACK damage for the entire round.

Personally, I love the fan-baiting this card represents. They're outright demanding that players manipulate the game mechanics in order for this card to even be functional.


MacGhille · 246
Gambit's hero ability is what powers this card up, so it's a clever design to get extra value from that. They're not "demanding" we do anything, though the aggression cards that do what you describe are a sweet combo — Stretch22 · 557
Based on you comments in this and other Gambit's card, I honestly believe you are not quite sure how to play with him. — miguelacp89 · 1