Cost: 0.

Held Aktion (Widerstand): Lege Karten vom Begegnungsdeck ab, bis du einen Schergen ablegst. Bringe den Schergen mit dir im Kampf ins Spiel → entferne 3 Bedrohung vom Hauptplan.

Galaxy's Most Wanted #43.
Auf der Schuhe nach Ärger

I would much rather it didn't do thwart, but allowed you to simply pick a minion from the deck rather than discarding until one is discarded in exchange. IMO the Justice counterpart, One Way or Another is much, much better.

Alatreon · 29
Agreed. Discarding until you find one can be quite dangerous, you might have to dig through quite a few encounter cards and that puts you much closer to another acceleration token. The thwart hardly seems worth it. Obviously works best with Thor but a bit questionable even there. — Fates · 2