Cost: 1.

Held Aktion (Angriff): Füge einem Gegner 2 Schaden zu. Falls dieser Angriff den Gegner besiegt, füge einem Gegner 2 Schaden zu.

"Meine Damen und Herren, ich habe eine Menge Tricks auf Lager." — Moon Girl
Nova #14.
Einen nach dem anderen

If you can't defeat an enemy with this, it's not very good at two damage for 1+card. If there are any minions in play, it's usually easy enough to tee one of them up to be defeated, and then you can get four damage for 1+card, which is pretty good.

Shout out to Ms. Marvel who can Embiggen! for a fantastic eight damage in total.

Fry · 227
Does Embiggen add to the 2nd attack though or is it deal 4, then 2? — AgentPhil · 1