Cost: 0.

Aktion: Du bekommst bis zum Ende der Phase +1 Handlimit.

"Nun, wenn ich abhaue, ist das nicht cool. Und wenn ich bleibe und getasert werde, ist das auch nicht cool. Ich stecke ein bisschen in der Klemme." - Tony Stark
Ant-Man #33.

I'm having success using this card with Hulk, who usually gets stuck with a card or two that he's going to be forced to discard. You can play this instead of discarding it so that the next round gives more cards. You can even play this as Hulk before switching to Banner to have 6 cards next round. It's not a fun play, but it certainly feels good to not get screwed over by Hulk's weakness.

Don't ask me exactly who is assessing the situation, because it certainly ain't Hulk. For now I'm considering this an auto-include for him.

It's a very strong card and combos well with Wasp's Alter Ego ability to shuffle mental back into her deck and works well with Iron Man's Pepper Potts to go into aerial mode. — DoxaLogos · 143
I really like this card in my She-Hulk Decks. First because the hand size of her Hero Form is so limited (switching Alter Ego to Hero this card is great); second because together with it really shines! Also, Gamma Slam is played easier... — [Tom] · 175
@[Tom] This doesn't work with Split Personality. That card looks at your PRINTED hand size. — eapfel · 1