Don't Stop Me Now: Super Nova

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dr00 · 29233

head asplode

I'm traveling at the speed of light

I wanna make a supernova man out of you


Welcome again, travelers! I have been awaiting Nova's release with bated breath. There are some game-changing cards in this pack that offer up the chance to have a look again at some older cards.

This deck is ideally meant to work in minion-heavy scenarios. In higher player counts, you can forgo some of the allies to focus on your primary role of just nuking everything in your way.

Super Nova

The primary win condition is the ability to completely wipe the board with massive supernovas that only really run out of gas when you run out of bad guys to pummel. It includes the following cards:

Honed Technique increases the damage of aggression events by their printed cost, as long as you spend a . Luckily Nova has no difficulty doing that, but more on that later. For Dive Bomb, that means it does 11 damage to one target, and 5 damage to every other target on the board. What's more, you will draw a card for every enemy defeated this way thanks to Unleash Nova Force. You'll also ready Nova, and when you activate him again, he can ready his Supernova Helmet. Any minions that are close to dying can be finished off with a combination of Nova's basic attacks and Jarnbjorn, which will also ready him, draw a card, and ready his helmet.

To help support this combo, Angela, Looking for Trouble, Champions Mobile Bunker, Moon Girl, No Quarter, and "Bring It!" are included to find more dudes to punch and the cards to punch them with. And after all that, celebrate your glory at the Hall of Heroes and get ready to fight again. Ms. Marvel and The Locust round everything out by recurring your most important pieces.


This deck does not include Energy, Genius, or Strength, which is normally only reserved for decks with a very low cost curve. There are quite a few cards with high costs, especially Dive Bomb and Honed Technique. However, keep in mind that is very impactful in this deck. First of all, you have access to at least two every phase with Supernova Helmet, which generates a single and readies after Nova performs a basic action. It's perfect synergy with Jarnbjorn, but also helps pay for nearly everything you need. Additionally, Lightspeed Flight and Pot Shot both double the resources when paying for it when you use a , and Forcefield Projection, while only a single resource card, has an extra effect when using a wild to pay for it. Resourceful is an oft-overlooked card, but has benefits here for the aforementioned resource generation, but there will be many turns in which you have an extra resource or two floating from your Supernova Helmet, and it can help smooth out resources for later rounds.

Also to help facilitate resource generation, Unleash Nova Force and Hall of Heroes will draw you an enormous amount of cards. Once you have all of your non-red pieces available, you can punch hard with No Quarter and dig for something like Dive Bomb, The Locust, The Power of Aggression, or just get some more resources. Remember that it hits for 6 after being boosted by Honed Technique, so can end up drawing a lot of extra cards and digging further through your deck. Champions Mobile Bunker, Jesse Alexander, and Team-Building Exercise will assist this as well. Remember that Team-Building Exercise just needs a matching trait, so all of your Champions allies, Champions Mobile Bunker, and Dive Bomb will benefit from the discount.


Angela and Wasp are the only non-Champions allies, but they won't benefit from Team-Building Exercise exercise even with matching traits. Angela helps find minions to destroy and can help even out the math to let Nova defeat them for Unleash Nova Force and Hall of Heroes procs. The remaining allies are just general utility, but you can include any combination of Champions allies, including those not in the list such as Bombshell, Brawn, and Vivian. I highly recommend including The Locust, as she can pick up any Aggression event you might need, and Moon Girl since it's ridiculously easy for this deck to pay the .

Ms. Marvel as always helps keep the train going by bouncing an important event back to your hand. Unleash Nova Force is generally going to be your primary target, as you can still combo well without Dive Bomb, it's quite expensive without the support of Unleash Nova Force, and you might discard your other copy with No Quarter. However, once you're set up well and have a good amount of counters on Hall of Heroes, the villain is low, or the first one wasn't enough, grabbing Dive Bomb can help close out the game for you, and two Supernovas in the same turn is truly a thing of beauty.

"Go for Champions!"

"Go for Champions!" is an insanely powerful card, but be careful with using it. Because it prevents all damage, and Ms. Marvel's ability requires paying 1 damage as a cost, you cannot simply use her to keep playing this card every round. Very sad, I know. However, you can play an event, have her bounce it back to your hand, then play "GFC!" and gain the benefit for everyone else. Remember that it lasts until the end of the round and prevents all damage. That includes damage from treacheries, attacks, and consequential damage. Importantly, it also includes Retaliate, which might be necessary with attacking so many minions at once or the villain multiple times in a single round. Very helpful in the fight against Zola.

Final Thoughts

Nova is probably my favourite hero in Marvel Champions right now, and this deck is just insanely fun to play. It's viable solo and really shines in a group setting. Just warn your friends ahead of time when you're about to have a huge turn so they can make a coffee, take a nap, or start doing their taxes while you win the game for everyone :P

Until next time, space nova


May 23, 2022 Clirian · 1

Hi, it is a really nice deck that you have made. But what should I play instead of "Go for Champions!", I still don't have an Ironheart pack.

May 23, 2022 dr00 · 29233

hey @Clirian! thanks for the compliments. Actually, i'd recommend just something to help with your survivability, like a second Moment of Triumph, Endurance, Down Time, or Crew Quarters. Alternatively, Audacity or a 2nd/3rd copy of many of the key pieces, like No Quarter, Dive Bomb, or Honed Technique. Go For Champions! is a very good card, but it's not absolutely essential, so there are many options for filling that slot.

May 23, 2022 Melkor · 1

What card would you sub in if you took out the Iron Heart ally? So that you could play multiplayer with an Iron Heart Hero.

May 24, 2022 josseroo · 200

Thanks for sharing dr00. Honed Technique + Dive Bomb is a spectacular combo, especially now that they're giving us heroes that reliably have Arial

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Melkor if playing with another player, i'd probably be more inclined to include more of the combo pieces like a third No Quarter, Dive Bomb, or Looking for Trouble, or a second "Bring It!" or Honed Technique. there's more than enough allies already.

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@josseroo yeah, this was the combo I was talking about! i think i mentioned it but forgot to tell you about the specific cards haha. it's just soooo satisfying dropping a massive tactical nuke on the board

May 24, 2022 The_Wall · 112

Thanks for sharing your deck, I was also messing around with Resourceful but couldn't get Nova to really... well, go nova. It turns out that the card I was missing was Jarnbjorn of all things. Great stuff!

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@The_Wall thank you for taking a look! and yeah, i've been a huge fan of Resourceful since it came out. i really love it with resource generators like Supernova Helmet and Friction Resistance since you often have 1 extra. it's just even better in Nova since wild has so much value for him.

and yeah, i love Jarnbjorn! getting extra attack out of Combat Training and Fluid Motion seemed too restrictive for my liking, and you only really used it during big Unleash turns. but with the axe, it's easy to get the math just right, and you can still attack or thwart, then defeat with Jarnbjorn on the back of an attack event or something to the get the ready, and fuel it with his helmet. really big fan of it for Nova. glad to help!

May 24, 2022 Melkor · 1

@dr00Thanks for the suggestions! Excited to give this a try later this week! At first wasn’t very keen on Nova but your deck makes me want to really try him out!

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Melkor really happy to hear that! i love Nova, and i hope everyone else can see what's so exciting about him to me

May 29, 2022 berzerk108 · 2

@dr00 Love the deck! What do you think about using Audacity in this deck, maybe instead of Resourceful?

May 30, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Cloudrunner yeah, that's fine! i like resourceful because it's a decent resource dump for your helmet and can help you later on for those big combo turns, but both are useful cards here!

May 31, 2022 TannyStork · 1

What an amazing roller coaster of a deck! Tried it! Loved it!

Jul 06, 2022 fascistlizard · 1

I may be missing some interaction, but how is Team-Building Exercise not inherently inferior to Helicarrier here? I could understand if you were running multiple TBE's or using both, but I feel like the extra upfront resource is worth it to be able to apply it to ANY card (including another player's)

Jul 06, 2022 Stephens3012 · 1

Looking forward to try this out! Quick question, if you mill Moment of Triumph from No Quarter, is there a window to then still be able to use that moment of triumph you just added to hand?

Jul 13, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@TannyStork glad you're enjoying it!

@fascistlizard that's certainly a good point, and you are not wrong. for me, i think that a 25% upfront increase is rather significant though, but this is all due to personal taste. i'd say that neither is intrinsically better or worse than the other but have some advantages and disadvantages that you mentioned. if you swap for Helicarrier, i'm sure it'd probably suit you a bit better though

@Stephens3012 yes, you can absolutely do that! it's a great combo

Aug 30, 2022 Pouhpouhh · 1

@dr00 Your deck is really awsome, but im having an issue with something. You say that Ms.Marvel cannot keep playing "Go for champions". But if you pay to use "go for champions" and then use Ms.Marvel to bring it back into your hand, why would Ms.Marvel take any damage then ? Go for champions specify that "champions cannot take any amount of damage for this turn". Am i reading it wrong ?

Sep 07, 2022 Vortilion · 147

@Pouhpouhh You can't bring it back with Ms. Marvel after playing it.

Sep 21, 2022 biodude · 95

@Pouhpouhh If Ms. Marvel cannot take damage, then you cannot pay the cost of her ability, and therefore cannot use it. Her taking damage is on the left side of the arrow, meaning it is a cost of the ability: you have to pay the full cost (i.e., do everything to the left of the arrow) to be able to activate the effect to the right of the arrow.
If Ms. Marvel had a Tough status card, it would have the same effect, preventing you from activating her Hero Response.

Sep 22, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Pouhpouhh i thought i had replied to this, sorry! but yes, @Vortilion and @biodude are correct. thanks for the help everyone!

Oct 04, 2022 Crowscrowcrow · 1

@dr00 With the new clarification on clarity of purpose, it seems that Ms Marvel can recur Go For Champions. Deal vs Take is a meaningful distinction now.

Oct 04, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Crowscrowcrow yeah, i was talking about this with a few people yesterday. it's a crazy distinction that i don't think they intended when they reversed that ruling lol. thanks for the heads up though! i'll try to make a note in this write-up as well, but i plan on updating the deck anyway. it's probably S-tier+ at this point lol.

Oct 24, 2022 Schnautza · 32

Tried this deck solo against Venom Goblin tonight. Took 4 swings (all losses) before I started swapping a couple cards out.

I noticed that nearly every minion (if not all) have guard/patrol status and they are plentiful, so I was not getting anywhere by intentionally drawing more out.

What ended up working for me on the first try was removing all the copies of Looking for Trouble, "Bring It!", and Angela

I replaced those with a couple copies each of Pitchback, One by One, and a single copy of Into the Fray.

These gave me the extra oomph to knock out villains with additional attack actions which enabled me to combo with Unleash Nova Force better.

The additional attack cards proved useful in discarding the Advanced Glider when it surfaced.

Several cards still didn't ever hit the table in the winning round (Champions Mobile Bunker, "Go for Champions!", Honed Technique), but they always came up at a critical time when I needed to spend them on some other action.

Nov 25, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Schnautza yeah, i think playstyle definitely necessitates making swaps and trying new things. Honed Technique is pretty crucial to how i play the deck, so if you're unable to get that down, i can definitely see how other cards start to lose a lot of value. and in the same vein, Pitchback doesn't get much value from it but is just a decently strong card on its own

thanks for sharing. i'm glad you were able to make it your own and find success :D

Jan 27, 2023 nickseiler · 43

I made a few minor tweaks to this deck tonight as I played against Ebony Maw, and let me tell you, this thing is FUN TO PLAY! The combo of Honed Technique + Dive Bomb is awesome when you pull it off, and Jarnbjorn was the icing on the cake. Really cool deck, thanks for sharing it!

Feb 01, 2023 dr00 · 29233

@nickseiler glad you enjoyed it! yeah it's still one of my favourite decks. just so fun to blow up literally everyone haha