Superkraft. Zustand.

Cost: 3.

Held Reaktion: Nachdem du Quicksilver spielbereit gemacht hast, mache diese Karte spielbereit.

Ressource: Erschöpfe Reibungslos → erzeuge eine -Ressource.

Patrick McEvoy
Quicksilver #9. Quicksilver #13.

Absolutely bananas resource generator, and clearly top of the pile at present. You'll make back the investment in this card, and then some, in a flash.

All I'll say is try this out in Aggression. Friction Resistance plus Jarnbjorn = absolute gold.

NocturnalAnimal · 16742
This is one hundred percent the truth. Honestly, there's no way the designers didn't intentionally build this to see if anyone would catch on. Kudos to NocturnalAnimal for spotting the synergy. — MacGhille · 243

This replaces Pepper Potts and Eye of Aggamatto as the craziest resource generator in the game. Quicksilver already automatically readies an extra two times, and with protection, you can abuse this card to no end. Use Never Back Down, Desperate Defense, Preemptive Strike, and Get Behind Me with this resource during the villain phase and then ready after defending to ready it again! Every time you use indomitable or desperate defense, you ready this card!

Onions · 80
It works better with desperate defense than indomitable tho, since you have to pay something during the vilain phase to be able to ready it. — PorcoRouxo · 1

It might be time to dust off Tenacity, if only for the novelty of getting this card and three copies of Tenacity in play, and drawing into four copies of Always Be Running, and then just, i dunno, make NINE BASIC ATTACKS in a single turn. Just for funsies.

And as long as we're being bonkers, get 3 copies of Adrenaline Rush in play, along with Reinforced Sinew and Combat Training. I mean, it's gonna take some time to get it all in play. But imagine the pleasure of doing 54 damage in basic attacks (9 attacks at 6 ATK).

Okay, I'm gonna actually try to pull this off now.

nateparkes · 316
Don't forget to bring Jarnbjorn! — Razbot · 1
Throw in some Battle Fury too. If you start with one in play and draw into a hand with 4 always be running and 2 more battle fury, you could get 12 attacks as long as there are three minions available — OrionJA · 8