Fluid Adamantium

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Tano Games · 2852

Hey everyone! Now that the database has been updated, and I'm publishing my MojoMania campaign videos this week, I am publishing my Wolverine deck.

I wanted to play Fluid Motion for a long time but never felt like it fit well anywhere, or with any heroes that I wanted to play. I've never been super into Aggression in the first place. But, since Wolverine can always play 1 attack event for free, Fluid works pretty well with him!

Clobber is one of my favorite cards with him, since he can play it for free and get it right back. However that does make it hard to set up on the same turn, so you have to skip a turn not getting a Fluid bonus, if you want to play one.

I love Precision Strike for Wolverine, too. The extra heal is fantastic. Since Fluid can boost his ATK, Smash the Problem was not a bad idea to toss in for the turns when you really need to control some threat, especially a side scheme. You could be thwarting for 4-5 with it.

I've played this deck in 2-player as well and beaten MojoMania twice with it solo.

You can check out my solo videos here, posting this week!


Nov 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 21764

Haven’t seen Fluid Motion boosting Smash the Problem before! Very cool

Nov 15, 2022 Toek · 1

Really cool deck. i wonder, if you could swap Chase them down for mean swing, Or do you think the 2 thwart is crucial, or you would need another weapon for the exhausts?

Nov 15, 2022 Tano Games · 2852

@Toek I play solo, and the threat removal is more important, but also using Swing means you can't utilize Claws to play an Attack event, which is the goal of the deck with Fluid Motion. There's definitely discussion and ideas out there though about not utilizing Claws to play events to avoid the damage. You could build around Swing and Fusillade for instance!

Nov 15, 2022 Tano Games · 2852

@journeyman2 Smash still isn't totally reliable, but I like that it targets any scheme compared to most of the other thwart events in Aggression, and doesn't rely on having minions around, which isn't always reliable either in solo lol

Nov 15, 2022 Daringhour7 · 71

Like your deck idea. Wolverine can really pile on the +1 modifiers for attack. Seems like Moment of Triumph might slot in here well and work towards Wolverine’s strengths. Utopia (and the ready conditions) might be worth a look as well. I too scratched my head at Fluid Motion before Wolverine…now I get it. Sadly, giving Wolverine another weapon (i.e. Jarnbjorn or Hand Cannon) to exhaust for Mean Swing is really un-thematic…I just can’t do it.

Nov 15, 2022 Tano Games · 2852

@Daringhour7 Yeah, I just haven't needed the healing of Moment of Triumph tbh. I don't play enough allies to get worthwhile value out of Utopia. You can certainly go that route though. The allies are just too expensive when you want to be playing 2 or more attack events a turn. I also just generally don't play many allies unless I'm playing Leadership, personal preference.

Nov 16, 2022 sp00ne · 78

I really like where this deck is going! I like the addition of Quick Strike to get the most out of your boosted ATK value. Have you considered putting in at least one copy of Battle Fury (you might be able to get ONE MORE use out of that boosted ATK)? Also, I think that Toe to Toe might work in here. It's a cheap attack event, and if you have Berserker Frenzy in play, you'll draw a card for playing it. Keep up the good work. You have inspired me to immediately go and create a new Wolverine deck with Fluid Motion!

Nov 16, 2022 Tano Games · 2852

@sp00ne I considered Toe to Toe, because I love Berserker Frenzy, but with using Claws every turn, and face tanking villain attacks, I felt it was just too much damage to sustain without extra healing. This is about as lean as you can get, in my experience so far, solely relying on healing factor and regenerative healing. If adding Toe to Toe, you'd want more healing like Moment of Triumph probably.

Nov 20, 2022 Rvd1ofakind · 1

I think this deck needs a few readies with such high attack. Played it once, late game got exhausted by encounter, drew 0 events. Did nothing that turn and lost by 1.

Nov 25, 2022 dr00 · 41180

every time i look at Fluid Motion and think of ATK-based events, i always think of how disappointed i am with The Best Defense… since Fluid Motion is only until end of phase, and i'm always disappointed with Quick Strike because the boost comes after.... and for some reason i just never thought about using a bunch of attack events and then Smash the Problem with that sky-high ATK. it just seems so perfect that i wonder how i never thought of it before lol. what a great combo tbh

Nov 25, 2022 Tano Games · 2852

@dr00 yeah QS is awkward to get the timing because you likely aren't playing 3 attack events in the phase to get the most out of it, but it's still nice to sequence Clobber, QS, and basic ATK. Best Defense was definitely a missed opportunity to open Fluid Motion to a new angle, that would have been really cool

Jan 03, 2024 TrueHiddenMist · 21

I’ve got a general Wolverine combo question not specific to this deck. Directed Force would apply to any attack triggered by Claws right? And if so, how does that resolve with Slice and Dice? I’m guessing just the first hit gets boosted?