Cost: 2.

Held Aktion (Angriff): Füge einem Gegner Schaden in Höhe deines ANG-Wertes zu.

"Und bleib liegen!" -- Power Man
Valkyrie #18.
Schneller Schlag

Very overcosted card, you must have better ATK at MINIMUM 4, because it's 3 ER.
I know that now the card pool is big enough to create some combos for this, but... it takes some time for preparation. And this is not the strongest side of agression aspect.

My rank (A - C):

C+ (Useful in a very specific build)

nosiak · 34
Valkyrie can get to 4 ATK easily with cards from her own hero kit, and even 5 ATK isn't too hard if you got the time to put down a Combat Training. While it is 3 ER, it allows you to attack with your ATK without having to exhaust, so that provides a way of alternative way of doing damage that Skilled Strike or Mean Swing can't do. — erikw1984 · 6