Cost: 0.

Held Unterbrechung: Sobald dein Held einen Basisangriff durchführt, erschöpfe ein Waffen-Upgrade an deinem Helden → dein Held bekommt für diesen Angriff +3 ANG.

Thor #15.
Heftiger Hieb

Aside from being an affordable and thematic card for Thor, Mean Swing is a great addition to Black Panther decks, as it can target both Energy Daggers and Panther Claws (which Wakanda Forever! doesn’t exhaust).

A word of caution, though: unlike its cousin Skilled Strike, this card does not stack with itself.

Skilled Strike can played “When your hero makes a basic attack”, and this condition is satisfied whether you are playing one, two or even three copies of this card.

Mean Swing can be played “When your hero makes a basic attack”, but each copy of this card also requires you to exhaust a Weapon upgrade on your hero.

In other words, if you draw three copies of Mean Swing during your turn, you need three weapons in play to make the best of it.

If you run Jarnbjorn in your Black Panther set up you could play three copies of Mean Swing. Exhaust Energy Daggers, Panther Claws and Jarnbjorn to add +9 to your basic attack. — Novawyrm · 167

With the addition to the card pool of Pulse Grenade which provides us a Basic Non-Restricted Weapon I'm very intrigued by the possibility of teaming these two cards up and seeing what happens. Until recently the only non-hero specific weapon available was Jarnbjorn which worked well with this card but was restricted. And this card works great without Pulse Grenade in decks like Thor, Black Panther, Drax and Gamora. But Pulse Grenade gives us our first non-restricted weapon which means that even heroes like Rocket, Star Lord and Hawkeye who have restricted weapons that they want to tap for effects have access to a weapons to proc Mean Swing, and anyone without a hero specific weapon can now utilize this card a lot more efficiently than previously.

trowa060 · 24