Cost: 0.

Unterbrechung: Sobald dein Held einen Basisangriff durchführt, bekommt er für diesen Angriff +2 ANG.

"Du hast noch viel zu lernen." -- Karnak
Doctor Strange #37.
Geschickter Schlag

This is a bread and butter card for aggression decks. 2 dmg/card is a good rate, and at a cost of 1 card leaves your hand flexible. As a 0-resource cost card, be mindful of your deck composition as you can end up with some awkward hands of 0-1 cost cards + resource cards.

The value goes up a bit in multiplayer where you can know you will be using your basic attack every turn and never have to thwart.

I also want to mention this is a great card with Ghost-Spider! I was happy to bring it in as my “Aspect Advantage” for my Protection deck, which had lots of responses and interrupts for the villain phase but needed more for the hero phase.

Stretch22 · 273