Colossus Calls in X-Force (And a Frog)

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Dont_be_rash · 34



Welcome to Colossus & X-Force join forces...and also a Frog. Colossus gets a lot of value out of allies. Especially these allies. I've used this deck successfully to take on:
  • Expert Ronan
  • Expert Magneto
  • Expert Stryfe
  • Expert Ultron
  • Expert Loki
  • Expert Thanos
  • Expert Venom Goblin
  • Expert Red Skull

So let's dig into why the deck works:

The Allies:

Wolverine: In all the ways Colossus loves Tough for himself, he hates in a villain. Wolverine is an efficient solution to this problem. Watch the Toughs disappear. (Sorry Juggernaut)

Angel: Cheap and efficient. You'll get some mileage out of Warren before he becomes a necessary chump blocker.

Deadpool: 2 thwart or 2 attack for 3? And we can recur him if we decide to just rush the villain? Yes, please.

Professor X: Let's see...does Colossus like confuse? He loves it. Does Colossus like to ready? He does. Does Colossus have use for a stun on a minion? Yes, see Juggernaut. And lastly, does Colossus struggle to thwart? There's no question. The Professor does everything Colossus wants him to do.

Psylocke: Betsy is exceptional at allowing you the freedom to stay in alter-ego if you so choose. She has a 2 thwart, a way to ping Toughs, a reliable confuse, and she's Psylocke. That's an auto include in my book.

Sunfire: Sunfire is so underrated. You'll often find two things when you play him. 1) You're probably gonna have the Energy to use his kicker. And 2) just how many annoying villain effects can just be tossed in the garbage. I love this ally.

Shadowcat: Your signature ally. She's great for those clutch times when the side schemes have piled up and you just need a little room to breathe before finishing off the villain. Ignoring Guard and Patrol will come up more often than you may think.

Throg: This little champ loves to block for you. He's cheap and he brings some decent attack to your already formidable friends. He's a great addition to this team; and who doesn't love a frog?

The Events:

Game Time: What's better than attacking or thwarting once? Doing it again for free. This goes hand in hand with Attack Training. It's gonna feel like your allies last forever. Boot Camp brings the value even higher.
Limitless Stamina: Let's attack again. Let's thwart again. Combat Training brings the value even higher for this one too.

The Upgrades:

Deft Focus is going to hit 13 of your 15 signature cards. This is a no brainer.
Honorary X-Men An extra HP helps. And on top of that: It's thematic with Deadpool. It makes me laugh to imagine him in his "trainee" jersey.

Closing Thoughts:

I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I have. I'm not usually an ally swarm type but this really brings out the best in Colossus I think. Sometimes your team is gonna block for you, and sometimes you're gonna get to flex your Tough status. And best of all, you're gonna make Ronan cry. X-Force!!! poster.jpg?width=320

Sep 12, 2023 celric · 428

With all your time in Alter-Ego form, Danger Room seems like a high value card to include. What do you think?

Sep 12, 2023 Dont_be_rash · 34

I originally included it, actually for that exact reason. I just always found myself prioritizing Colossus' cards with my hand. If you wanted to include it I would swap either a Game Time or Honorary X-Men for it. Let me know how it goes for you.