Wade Wilson


Söldner. X-Force.

Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Erzwungene Unterbrechung : Sobald Deadpool durch Folgeschaden besiegt werden würde, heile stattdessen 3 Schaden vom ihm. Lege einen Beschleunigungsmarker auf den Hauptplan.

"... Cable? Kein Interesse. Ich streame alles."
NeXt Evolution #24.

An ally with built-in healing makes for some really interesting Voltron possibilities as cards like Inspired or Sidearm get to stick around longer. Even without a stat buff, I think you will use the forced interrupt more often than not because you get 3 extra activations for the cost of an acceleration token. If playing solo, the acceleration token makes you more likely to lose to the main scheme in one turn, but it takes a long time for the total extra threat added to outweigh Deadpool's extra activations (6 to break even, 7 to exceed). In multiplayer, the acceleration token is even less of a concern. But if you just use Deadpool twice and block, you got your expected value anyway, so the self-heal option is pure upside. This will be a staple ally for X-Force decks and is actually a reasonable thwart option for generic protection decks. The biggest bummer is you can't play him with the Deadpool hero, who he would combo perfectly with!

Stretch22 · 436