She-Hulk R&R

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Jamesdarcy · 77

Jen doesn't let the stress of being a She-Hulk and lawyer get her down. Why? Because she also knows how to chill out and take some much needed R&R.

EDITS*** Remove: 1xAssess the Situation. 1xRecuperation. 1xCaptain America

Add: 2x R&D Facility Should have been a no brainer. Jenni’s easily swinging for 8 or 12 with 1 boosted stat and drawing into one of her 6 readying cards. in a bind, she can manage scheme this way also.

1x Kaluu to help her find events and still have resources to play them.

This deck was created for the Deck Factory Discord Challenge found here>>> . If you are looking for some more Champions community or challenges, come on down. This challenge - use the oft overlooked Recuperation.

It's supposed to be Jen's vacay with Matt Murdock, but Smart-Hulk is out of town and Nick Fury is in need of some help. He's sent Maria Hill to recruit She-Hulk for some support. Reluctantly, she agrees...and lets Daredevil stay on the beach (unless you are playing two handed or multiplayer, in which case i'd encourage you to bring him along*).

Obviously, she has got it all under control....but this was supposed to be time for her to rest up. What happens if she's running on empty and that health starts getting low? Obviously, she'll take advantage of Gamma Slam but this was supposed to be vacation. Answer....flip down to get some Rest & Recuperation.

What better way to get from 1HP to 15HP than setting up with Down Time, making a basic recovery for 7 and then doing it all over again a second time. There is already so much to do as Jennifer Walters like removing threat from behind a desk at the Superhuman Law Division, or resetting her hand and multiple threats with her mad Legal Practice skills.

Striking balance with a little 'me' time can also be great for Clarity of Purpose and probably accounts for her steady Unshakable nature. Jen is able to build her case, sacrificing a little health in a controlled manner, whilst also getting ready to outsource some of the heavy lifting to high ticket colleagues like Captain America, or opening a second office in the Avengers Mansion.

Cool, calm, and in control....with the occasional bout of Split Personality or going into a Focused Rage. Understandable, no-one likes cutting their PTO short.

*This may make little sense if you haven't seen the mini series.