Superkraft. Zustand.

Cost: 1.

Spiele diese Karte nur, falls deine Identität mindestens 14 aufgedruckte Lebenspunkte hat.

Deine Identität erhält Standhaft. (Standhafte Charaktere werden erst bei 2 Statuskarten des gleichen Typs betäubt oder verwirrt.)

SP//dr #24.

For reference, the 14-hp identities are She-Hulk, Thor, Hulk, Drax, Sp//dr, and Colossus. There is obvious overlap between high health heroes and heroes who want to attack almost every turn due to very high ATKs (She-Hulk, Drax), wanting to engage and kill minions (Thor), or wanting to smash (Hulk...see Hulk Smash). A stun status can basically ruin an entire turn, and Unshakable can really help.

Being steady essentially amounts to discarding the first, third, fifth, etc. status cards of the same type your hero gets. The next best alternatives are The Night Nurse, but only in protection, and Athletic Conditioning. I'd argue the Night Nurse is better if you are playing protection, but Athletic Conditioning is clearly worse as it is an event that must be played when you are stunned/confused, and Unshakable is proactive (and answers one of each status). Note that Thor gets Godlike Stamina which is way better than Conditioning but still arguably worse than Unshakable except for the healing.

If you want to play this card, check that your scenario actually has ways of stunning/confusing you, but if it does this is a game-changer for the eligible heroes!

Stretch22 · 539
For reference, the 14-hp identities are — Fry · 239
I don't think it does amount to discarding first/third/fifth status cards. From what I've been able to gather, steady just lets you hold an extra, but then attacking/thwarting only removes 1 of those cards. I could be wrong, but I have yet to find a ruling saying both cards fall off. — SilverFox · 19
Looks like I can't remove comments, so this is a followup to say that I am wrong, it does work the way you mentioned — SilverFox · 19
It does seem to help She-Hulk (aggression) alot when facing villains/modular sets that stun. As you stated, one stun can shut She-Hulk down and her One-Two Punch cannot help her recover from a stun. Combining this with Limitless stamina will help consistency in such decks. — Oakwolf · 13
Ask your doctor(Banner) if Unshakable is right for you! — lightninlad · 8