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dr00 · 39703

I'm so excited about the new She-Hulk tv show and new cards that have released recently, so much so that I had to make a deck for one of the most underrated heroes in the game.

I think a lot of people have had similar issues that I have had, thinking 'wow, this card sucks.... oh, and this one too', and I'm here to tell you that all of the cards in her kit are useful (yes, even Legal Practice).

Jennifer Walters

scalesOpening Arguments: In Defense of She-Hulk's Identity-Specific Cards

In Marvel Champions, She-Hulk is represented by two separate yet equally important groups: THW, which investigates crimes; and ATK, which prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. Many have overlooked She-Hulk's cards, myself included. Gamma Slam is inconsistent, Ground Stomp is only good in multiplayer against Ultron, and Focused Rage is too expensive. These are all unsubstantiated. If it pleases the court, this deck will argue that you should lean into all of her kit instead of trying to overcome a problem that doesn't exist. Don't overlook her cards just because they are inefficient or don't compare favorably to other options. What tends to happen is that people load up She-Hulk with several aspect thwarting options, or card draw options, because they choose not to use what's available. Additionally, people don't utilise both forms equally. By the end of these proceedings, this deck will show beyond a shadow of a doubt that optimal She-Hulk play requires using her design to the fullest extent of the law. That's all, your honour.

scalesDirect Examination: Green Justice

The deck would like to call the first witness: She-Hulk's Thwarting Power. Now the defense admits She-Hulk has a low THW value. It's only 1. And despite having inefficient options, needing to flip often, that low THW value, She-Hulk actually deals with threat very well. The deck would like to draw your attention to that fact that it only includes two copies of Bait and Switch to help with threat. Everything else ins included:

  • her Alter-Ego ability: 'I Object!', which can remove half a threat per round if you flip every round. It's honestly not bad, especially when you can cancel things like Assault on NORAD drones.
  • Superhuman Law Division allows you to remove 2 threat per round for a single , provided you flip every round, and this deck has plenty of ways to pay for it (12 / in the deck, plus Quincarrier, which can be used in Alter-Ego thankfully, unlike Enhanced Awareness)
  • Legal Practice is often considered one of the worst cards not just in She-Hulk, but in the entire game. I'm not here to necessarily dispute that, but just point out a few things. It's an Alter-Ego thwarting option. It can remove a confuse status cheaply. It is a high burst thwarting option, up to 5 on a single scheme in a single round. There are very few other options that can do that much. You don't need to use it a lot, but if you need to thwart, it's there and can definitely buy you the time you need.
  • Hellcat is often overlooked as a decent thwarting option. For 4 effective resources the first time and 3 thereafter, she can thwart for up to 4 every single round. That's the same value as a For Justice!, available whenever you want it, plus the flexibility of putting 2 each on separate side schemes if you want. Although it doesn't make sense in this deck, you can also combine with things like Avengers Tower and Team-Building Exercise to cheaply play her every round. She is actually your best thwarting option.

There are no further questions for this witness, your honour.

scalesCross-Examination: Green Fury

The scenario has called into doubt the intentions of our defendant, Jennifer Walters. We contend that all of her actions are in self defense. Cards like Energy Barrier only work in self-defense. Additionally, we would also like to refute the claims that our defendant uses performance-enhancing drugs. She is simply an avid gym-goer who happens to have many many natural talents. As to the counts of the following:

  • Gamma Slam in the first degree: This can only be done while damaged. With at least 10 damage, it is quite efficient, but can be useful at lower damage values provided it can defeat a strong minion or the villain. Additionally, Symbiote Suit is included to get the most out of it, so that you can push it to 15 damage.
  • Ground Stomp is merely an exercise, so any damage to persons or property is merely incidental. At 3 targets, it's somewhat playable (more on that later), and actually does help She-Hulk's defenses if it can help prevent further damage from minion attacks.
  • Limitless Stamina, One-Two Punch, Repurpose, & Ready to Rumble: These four inform the basis of She-Hulk's training regimen, providing multiple readies, boosts to her ATK, and allowing her to close the case quickly. Try to use Repurpose early in the round so that the boost is still available when used with Limitless Stamina and One-Two Punch. Taunt the opposition with 'Do You Even Lift?' when hulking out for an average of 1 extra damage per round. Symbiote Suit helps this strategy even more, providing a bonus ATK.

scalesClosing Arguments: Green Protection

She-Hulk is a paragon of the community and only wants what's best for her neighbours. As such, she keeps herself and her community safe with:

  • Daredevil: Our elite litigation team member and workout partner helps keeps small things away until Jessica has a chance to deal with them while simultaneously helping to 'whoa whoa' them into settling.
  • Recuperation: Not a great card normally, but with up to 8 REC with Down Time and Symbiote Suit, and a sky high health pool of 25 (another benefit from Symbiote Suit), healing three times over two rounds is completely feasible. Don't be afraid to customise your deck with more copies if you find that health is a concern.
  • What Doesn't Kill Me: She-Hulk puts herself in harm's way and can leverage that against opposing council with her sky high ATK, while also healing a small amount at the same time. Half of the deck can easily pay the requirement as well.
  • Preservation. Good for paying kickers and requirements, though sadly doesn't afford its own kicker when paying for Superhuman Law Division since it's a Hero Response, but the extra passive healing helps.
  • The Night Nurse provides some extra healing and status cleansing, mostly stuns. Confusion is not a huge issue, though she does have some thwarting options (keep in mind that, although Superhuman Law Division is technically a thwart, it doesn't interact with confusion). For customisation, Unshakable is a decent option that's a bit more permanent.
  • Ready to Rumble is actually best used after using your time as Jennifer Walters to hit the sauna and recover. When you hulk out, you can ready right away, which is especially useful if your hand is flooded with things like One-Two Punch, which require attacking first, or other readying options to get more value.

With all of these options, it is plain to see that She-Hulk is an altruistic hero who only wants the best for herself and her community. The defense rests.

scalesAttorney-Client Privileges

There are some subtle nuances to getting the most out of this deck that cannot be shared during discovery, so they are available here in a sealed document:

  • Daredevil was originally added for thematic reasons, but he actually performs quite well here on certain scenarios, ie: those with many low-ATK minions. In scenarios with high-ATK minions, trading him for another copy of Recuperation will make for a solid investment.
  • Split Personality is one of the best value cards in the game. From hero form, you can flip to Alter-Ego, draw 6 cards, recover if necessary, and flip back to hero form, ready to go again for a strong second wind. In Alter-Ego form, you can Flip to Hero, and although you only draw 4 cards, you can spend some cards before flipping and redraw into a better hand, or flip back to Alter-Ego to recover twice in the same round if you trigger Ready to Rumble.
  • Down Time helps She-Hulk recover more health when necessary, and also combos with Recuperation. It has a lot of value in this deck.
  • Focused Rage is definitely a card that doesn't get played enough. This should be one of the highest priority targets for you. With both in play, you have an effective 6 card hand size in either form. With all of the healing you have available, the damage is fairly negligible or even beneficial, allowing you to pay the healing cost of What Doesn't Kill Me or pump additional damage with Gamma Slam. Additionally, you can trigger it alongside Energy Barrier. Although you won't get the card draw (since you prevented the damage and thus did not pay the cost), you can force ping damage on your turn. This is generally not the best use of these cards, but it is especially helpful for pinging tough statuses, which is a huge weakness for high-ATK heroes. In the same sense, Ground Stomp can still pull its weight if it can ping some tough statuses, and at 3 targets, is effectively a Focused Rage / Energy Barrier combo, just on 3 separate targets in 1 round instead of 3 divided how you wish, but over multiple rounds.

scalesFinal Appeal

I hope you give this deck, and Jennifer Walters' cards, a second chance. I think it's time to embrace the value of her cards and rethink best practices. Although the arguments against some of these cards are valid, they aren't so egregious as to be unplayable, and dedicating deck space to do what she can already do for the sake of efficiency is actually often very inefficient. Hopefully this deck can start the change the minds of any who still doubt the power of Marvel Champions' first tank hero: She-Hulk.


Aug 17, 2022 neothechosen · 9894

Funny I also wanted to build She Hulk decks for the same reasons (but I've been lacking the time to playtest new lists). IMO Limitless Stamina does a lot for She Hulk.

I've been a fan of She Hulk since core set and yes, I agree that people have been underusing her abilities, with "I object",Superhuman Law Division, Hellcat, flipping every turn to max the use of all her abilities is more than doable. She usually hits pretty hard that way ("do you even lift" is basically like a free attack).

Thanks for taking the time to share this! Love it!

Aug 17, 2022 Alpo · 81

Good deck, better exposition.


Aug 19, 2022 Dawncaller · 10

I came for the deck, I stayed for the deck description.

Aug 20, 2022 Onsentape · 1

I'll try it soon !

Aug 21, 2022 kevetoile · 1

Good presentation, I'll try this. She-hulk is my favorite hero from the core set, I used to play her in Justice, but I wanted to try something else. Definitely a good way to handle the vilain here, though I'll have to replace one card from spdr

Aug 21, 2022 DOHK1014 · 15

I need to get Sp/Dr, but this deck looks fun! Actually just used Legal Practice in a game today that saved us from a loss.

Aug 22, 2022 Guanciale · 7

Great deck! I've been playing something similar because of the She-Hulk show/ playing old heroes again. Not a fan of the symbiote suit so usually use Endurance instead.

Aug 22, 2022 dr00 · 39703

@neothechosen thanks for the praises! great minds think alike, so i'm glad to do some of the testing for you :D

@Alpo no you rock!

@Dawncaller <3

@Onsentape let us know how it goes!

@kevetoile yeah, i initially thought that Justice was her only good aspect and that she would normally struggle in Aggression. i think a lot of the core set experience reinforced that, but thankfully a lot of new cards have released that will hopefully change people's thinking

@DOHK1014 SP//dr is pretty much tied with Nova as my favourite heroes in the whole game, so definitely worth it! glad to see more Legal Practice Vindication lol

@Guanciale yeah, Endurance is a worthy alternative. you are losing out on +1 ATK, +1 REC, and +10 HP, but no extra encounter card, and it's a lot cheaper.

Aug 24, 2022 Frodo13 · 1

I played She-Hulk first when I got the Core Set, and I loved the experience. I did not use the suggested deck, but instead used the Justice aspect, which I have used several times now. Now that I have a larger card pool, I am working on a new deck, and I will have to consider Protection

Sep 15, 2022 Cannonarm · 73

Why no Deft Focus or Unshakable? There are plenty of super power cards. Also, If you are running the symbiote suit with extra encounters, being able to cut stun/confuse in half could be really helpful.

Sep 15, 2022 dr00 · 39703

@Frodo13 hey that's great! hope you enjoy it!

Sep 15, 2022 dr00 · 39703

@Cannonarm about Deft Focus, for me it's not about how many superpower cards are in the deck but how often i'm using them. Gamma Slam is generally a late-game card, and Superhuman Strength are only used occasionally because it's not really worth it without the stun. because of the forced effect, you can't really save them for when they'd be most useful, and you lose out again if you play more than one at the same time (or even in the same round if you're attacking the same target). and although i make the case that Ground Stomp isn't as bad as many people think, it's still a relatively situational card. Limitless Stamina is the only superpower used with a lot of frequency, but it's not very difficult to play. at the end of the day, i'd rather pay 2 extra at setup for Quincarrier since it will always give me a resource when i need it, and well help pay for Superhuman Law Division since is the least-common resource type in the deck.

as for Unshakable, it's mentioned in the write-up. it's scenario-dependent and i'd rather have the flexibility of Night Nurse since it also heals

Sep 23, 2022 VJakson · 23

Can you explain the cost on Hellcat. "Hellcat is often overlooked as a decent thwarting option. For 4 effective resources the first time and 3 thereafter, she can thwart for up to 4 every single round." I'm not following how is she 3 ER thereafter and thwarting for 4 each round? I love this deck. Played it once and it quickly jumped to top 5 most favorite decks people have posted. I honestly thought Repurpose was pretty overrated in all my tests with it until this deck. Nice Job!

Sep 24, 2022 journeyman2 · 20358

This is a great deck!

@VJakson I can set in and help out here, love She-Hulk and love Hellcat recursion. Turn 1 it costs 4 resources 3 + Hellcat herself to play -> she thwarts 2. Next turn she thwarts 2->return her to hand->play her for 3 resources (don’t include herself in the cost since you got her in hand for free)->she thwarts 2 again.

Hellcat is exactly what She-Hulk needs in her kit. She can split 4 thwart or ping tough and even in desperation be an extra resource or chump (though these are the worse options). Most of my She-Hulk decks involve Avengers Tower+TBE+Quincarrier to play her every turn (as mentioned in the write-up), while She-Hulk handles the damage!

Sep 24, 2022 VJakson · 23

@journeyman2 Thanks for the clarification. The original quote read as if all that was in a single turn, which translated into many more ER than For Justice! So I was confirming I wasn't missing some interaction. But, with your explanation the explanation of value over the course of the future turns, the quote makes more sense now.

Oct 08, 2022 jelius · 7

I absolutely love this deck and your writeup! I am also a big fan of the show.

Oct 08, 2022 dr00 · 39703

@VJakson yeah, sorry it wasn't clear at first, but thanks @journeyman2 for clearing it up

@jelius yeah, no spoilers but i totally thought this was supposed to be the finale and i was like 'whaaaaat there's so much unresolved... ooooh it's next week. awesome' lol. glad you like the deck (and the show!)

Oct 11, 2022 DarthUrsula · 1

@VJakson So with Split Personality are you not still exhausted when you flip to Altro-Ego?

Oct 11, 2022 DarthUrsula · 1

Oops I meant @dr00

Oct 11, 2022 dr00 · 39703

@DarthUrsula if you are exhausted in hero form and use Split Personality to flip to alter-ego, you would still be exhausted, yes.

Feb 01, 2023 captainsqually · 1

Going to be trying this one right away. Always looking for great new ways to play She-Hulk, any deck running only 1 ally is way outside the typical meta and very exciting to see.

Feb 01, 2023 captainsqually · 1

Sorry, one other thing, can you explain what you mean by: "although Superhuman Law Division is technically a thwart, it doesn't interact with confusion)."

I don't understand this at all.

Feb 26, 2023 Matafer · 15

When the theme absolutely smashes through the wall. Great deck!

Mar 11, 2023 dr00 · 39703

@captainsqually hey, sure! so when your identity is confused, you can get rid of it by taking the basic thwart action (turning your identity sideways) or from any other action with the thwart tag. if you use one on an event you play or an upgrade that's 'on' your hero (ie: not attached to something else), then it can clear the confuse. although Superhuman Law Division is a thwart, it's a support, so it's not 'you' (ie: the identity you're playing, in this case she-hulk), so it can't clear confusion. but it also means you can use it even if you are confused.

@Matafer yeah, She-hulk loves smashing things like walls, the fourth wall, daredevil...