Champion Supernova in the Sky (Vigilant Defense)

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Brian-V · 34938

Champion Supernova in the Sky: How many people Defend for free (0 ER)? ... faster than a Ready & Drawww ... where were you while we were Defending againnn, ... but you and I we Ready & Draw (again), unleash Unleash Nova Force every rrround! Why why why (why not?)



Typical Turn:

  • Once set up you will play Unleash Nova Force, then bounce it back to your hand with Ms. Marvel for next turn. You have so many resources with Nova, you don't mind holding on to it.

  • On your turn: Draw as many cards as you can with Avengers Mansion, Champions Mobile Bunker, Moon Girl, and Nick Fury, etc.

  • Then start using your Supernova Helmet readying-combo, using it then readying it with Nova, Ever Vigilant, killing enemies to ready Nova & Draw, using your helmet again, and thwarting to ready Nova & Draw, again using your helmet each time. Remember to use Ever Vigilant at the right time if you've already played Unleash Nova Force so you don't waste a ready from both.

  • On villains phase: Unleash Nova Force is still active! Here's where you will defend as much as you want with Nova. I don't play too much multiplayer, but this combo is fun for defending for the table because you have many chances to ready (and ready Supernova Helmet) throughout the villian phase.

  • They include: Desperate Defense, Hard to Ignore (if you remove the last threat from the main scheme), Forcefield Projection (from killing an enemy), and Electrostatic Armor (if you kill an enemy).

  • Remember, you're paying for those cards every time with Supernova Helmet and sometimes actually gaining net cards.


Other Card Options:

  • Energy Barrier -- I used to have this in the deck and I might be inclined to add it back. Especially, for those villains that hit a little harder for a damage that slips through. It also combos nicely with Unleash Nova Force. You do have Forcefield Projection, so sometimes you actually want to take damage though so you can trigger Unleash Nova Force. You can also get this card back with Pinpoint, which is probably another reason it would be the first card I'd probably put back in.

  • Deft Focus -- I had this card in for awhile, but found I just didn't need the extra resources and Nova's events I just played with helmet since you ready a lot. It's funny, with Nova, it's the first time I thought about trying a deck without using Strength/Energy. I would still use Genius because of Moongirl though. But I would definitely recommend trying this card.

  • First Hit -- I hardly ever use this card, but I like to mess around with it in this deck. Firstly, because you just need damage above all in this deck (it's Protection), but also because it's another potential trigger for Unleash Nova Force in the villain phase with minions. I'd be more inclined to use this in multiplayer where there are more targets, give it a try.

  • Multiplayer Options -- Adding more Hard to Ignore makes a lot of sense in multiplayer, in solo you're usually just going to have the 1 threat every turn. Indomitable & Symbiote Suit could be other great options -- thanks for the idea @InigoMontoya.

  • I've had no problems solo in Expert -- you will always have a ton of resources it's a matter of just getting set up as quick as possible, which is why all the draw is there.

  • In multiplayer, you should be able to defend at least a few times a turn easily, let me know how this goes if you try this Champppionnn Supernoverrrr in the Skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


Jul 08, 2022 journeyman2 · 9834

Another excellent Brian-V deck! Pre-release I was suspecting that Nova might be best in Protection to use the helmet in both phases. Can’t wait to try this next play session!

Jul 08, 2022 VillainTheory · 11543

Looks good! I'm sure I recognize that combo from somewhere ;) I've ran a couple of very similar Nova decks since his release.

The Desperate Defense combo will run into issues against the heavy hitters like Drang, Ronan, Thanos, Loki etc. 5 DEF is rarely enough to stop all damage against them, and that's going to leave you 1 THW and 3 effective resources less for your Unleash Nova Force combos. I'd sub in 1-2 Energy Barriers for consistency.

Also, if you have a deck that plans to recur Unleash Nova Force every turn, you should definitely bring Deft Focus.

Despite that this deck is a powerhouse. Power in All of Us decks are immense anyway and the ability to shuffle both Moon Girl and Nick Fury back in is ridiculous. Nice work.

Jul 08, 2022 Brian-V · 34938

@journeyman2 Thanks man, really enjoying all your decks -- they're top-notch and your write-ups are insanely good.

Jul 08, 2022 Brian-V · 34938

@Villain Thanks! I used to have Deft Focus and Energy Barriers in the deck actually.

I found when I took out Deft Focus I had so many resources I didn't miss it and just used the helmet and I hardly ever actually played the other events without just using Supernova Helmet. It's definitely a good addition and I might test it more with it back in again to see if I want to re-add it.

With Energy Barriers, although you still have Forcefield Projection with a potential block for 8, taking damage isn't that big of a deal because of readying option and abundance of resources, as well as chump-blocking (sometimes I just overwrite an ally b/c I need damage) -- I'm more inclined to put this back in. Especially with the heavy-hitters like you say and it does even it out when a damage slips through. But what would probably definitely convince me to put it back in is that I can ping a minion and draw a card in the villain phase with Unleash Nova Force.

Thanks for calling my attention to these card options. I also messed around with First Hit with this deck, just because I'm dying to actually use it at some point. Usually I make a section for card options, so I'll do that and add these cards. Thanks for the comment.

Jul 08, 2022 Brian-V · 34938

@Villain I forgot to add using Pinpoint to get your Energy Barrier's back is also another reason I had tried them before and would probably put it back in. It's funny though, sometimes you want to take damage because of Forcefield Projection + Unleash Nova Force. But those can only help and give you another option for when you don't have them.

Jul 08, 2022 InigoMontoya · 3276

Awesome job! I have a similar deck but with 3 Hard To Ignores so that once you get the Ms. Marvel Unleashed Nova train running, you can almost always 0 out the threat on the main scheme.

I'm glad someone made this deck because it's bonkers in multiplayer against minions.

Jul 08, 2022 InigoMontoya · 3276

I forgot to say I also run it with symbiote suit and Dauntless in multiplayer.

Jul 08, 2022 Brian-V · 34938

@InigoMontoya Hey Inigo! I mostly run solo, but for multiplayer I can definitely see running 3 Hard to Ignores. That combined with Ever Vigilant, you're probably always proc'ing Unleash Nova Force on the main scheme as well. Great ideas with Symbiote Suit and Dauntless for multiplayer. I was very curious how this deck works at higher player counts, seemed like it would be even stronger. I'll add these to the card options, thanks for the comment, always good to hear from you.

Jul 08, 2022 AeroHudson · 1

Great deck! Nova is quickly becoming one of my top 5 decks. I played a regroup leadership deck that was off the chain. Played this one through Sandman and Venom on expert. Definitely grindy but beat both without issue. Thanks for your decks, Brian V. Always a pleasure!

Jul 08, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 3839

Little off topic perhaps as I know you arent running a lot of Tech in this deck, but I'm excited to see how Repurpose with an Energy Barrier or Forcefield Generator works with a Nova deck nearly like this. Getting +2 or +3 ATK or THW plus a Ready when you're playing Unleash Nova Force anyways makes him even more unstoppable. When I play Unleash, I always find I care more about the card draw and the ability to ready the Helmet than I do about using his basic ability again.

(Same combo in Quicksilver is also intriguing)

Jul 11, 2022 Drewooo · 1

This deck looks great. I tried nova just a bit on release and just didn't mesh well with him. I'm hoping this deck connects more with me. Thanks for sharing another deck!

Hopefully we will see more Brian-V gameplay on YouTube

Jul 14, 2022 rstorcdk · 3858

Ever vigilant is one of my favorite cards. Great deck and well written guide :)

Jul 16, 2022 dr00 · 29233

the worst part of this deck is that now i have that song stuck in my head

Jul 24, 2022 b3ar · 1

I played the deck now a couple times and I really enjoy it. I did have some starting hands after mulligan with no wild resources though. I kept defence cards on hand. Is this too greedy? Should I first prioritize resources and cards that allow me to draw?

I try to avoid beeing in alter-ego in solo. In such a case, should I not get the helmet and stay in alter-ego to get a wild resource next turn?

Thanks for publishing the deck and some advice.

Jul 27, 2022 Brian-V · 34938

@b3ar I usually don’t hold on to defense cards. I like to play out my hand as much as possible for the most part and there’s always a chance you will just draw into a defense event anyway. I’d always play the helmet regardless. Hope you’re enjoying the deck.

Sep 29, 2022 Chappykinz · 2

Can you help me understand Nova's ability timing when playing desperate defense? If I exhaust to defend with basic defense, then exhaust the helmet to play desperate defense, did I just miss the window of "after you use a basic defense power" to unexhaust the helmet?

Nov 08, 2022 Greenhobbit · 1

I don't have the Hard to ignore card, any recommendation for a replacement?

Nov 30, 2022 Kenju · 1

One question about "Go for Champions!" with Ms. Marvel, it is possible to play it and get it back with Ms. Marvel ? I think not, because the condition needs to deal her one damage... Otherwise it will be a great card for that deck too

Nov 30, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Kenju a recent ruling says that you can, so go nuts!

Dec 15, 2022 Frenky_fisher · 9

@Kenju @dr00 i think u can't and here is why...go for champions states that champions can't take dmg and ms.marvel have to take dmg to activate her abilitiy therefor she cant of those thing where u have to do something before arrow to get something after the arrow... also why i think u can't use it is because this game doesn't have stack(like mtg does) and for u to trigger something that says after X/Y that same X/Y has to be resolved and it's efects are already afectioning game/board state

Dec 16, 2022 dr00 · 29233

@Frenky_fisher Ms Marvel says to 'deal' damage to her, not that she has to 'take' damage. these two words have been synonymous for a while, but a recent ruling says that they are now treated differently.

Dec 16, 2022 Frenky_fisher · 9

@dr00 so what u say is they broke the game on purpose, thats like extra dumb...Then because of the wording u can use Ms Marvel 3 times(or how much health she has)returning it and then she dies??Did I get it right now??

Feb 11, 2023 AbisMal · 2

Thanks for posting this deck, as well as the thorough notes! I had trouble getting Nova to do well against expert decks, and this was great inspiration! I found the deck as is couldn't keep up with expert Crossbones, but I made a few switches to shore up the defense, and it totally dominated him, even when Crossbones's Legions of Hydra came out. :-)