Cost: 1.

Spiele diese Karte unter die Kontrolle eines beliebigen Spielers. Max. 1 pro Spieler.

Held Reaktion: Nachdem du Widerstand geleistet und die letzte Bedrohung von einem Plan entfernt hast, lege Der Gerechtigkeit Genüge tun ab → mache deinen Helden spielbereit.

Nebula #14.
Der Gerechtigkeit Genüge tun

This card completes the 'basic action + succeed at something --> ready' cycle with Battle Fury and Desperate Defense. The thing about evaluating a card like this is that the ready has to be worth the least powerful of the two basic powers you used. For example, with a 3 THW 2 ATK hero, if you thwart, ready, then attack, you spent 2 resources to deal 2 damage...not a good deal. If you have at least 3 THW, situations where I like this include when there is a side scheme in play, so you can thwart twice; you flip to alter-ego and REC 3 or more; or, you've also gotten your ATK up to 3. Of course, we can push those hero stats even higher with Spider-Woman's hero ability, for example, or Quicksilver with Maximum Velocity, which is a big upside. It's also really nice that we can let this sit out as an upgrade until the perfect turn where it is worth it. I think the REC option makes this a passable floor for average heroes, and the ceiling is high with specific heroes. I will keep an eye on this for my Justice decks.

Stretch22 · 436
For reference, note that none of the three cards (Justice Served, Battle Fury, Desperate Defense) actually requires using your hero's basic power to trigger, though that will be a common condition. If playing Hulk, for instance, one could basic attack, Sub-Orbital Leap to clear a scheme, and trigger Justice Served to allow you to basic attack again. These effects are also pretty handy when an encounter card exhausts your hero. — Fry · 227