Cost: 0.

Max. 1 pro Runde.

Held Aktion: Durchsuche das Begegnungsdeck nach einem Nebenplan. Decke den Nebenplan auf → ziehe 3 Karten (Mische das Begegnungsdeck).

Nebula #15.
Es kommt so oder so

Very interesting in a Ms. Marvel justice deck: if you have this and Multitasking in hand, search for a side scheme, reveal it, draw your cards, play Multitasking, remove 2 threats from the main scheme and the side scheme (4 and 4 if you have Shrink in play), then take back in your hand Multitasking if you need to replay it for a total of 4 or 6 to each scheme.

Plus, as we are talking about Ms. Marvel you will probably place this under Bruno Carrelli to recover it at the best moment: when you have Multitasking in hand (or also under Bruno Carrelli) and there is only 1 scheme in play and you are not in a rush to play other cards from your hand.

AlexandreP · 36
I don't get the excitement for this card outside of solo play. Sure, you are drawing 3 cards but if you don't remove the scheme for less than 2 cards than you spending a card to make the board in a worse state than if you had just used One Way as a resource instead. In solo play that is possible. In multiple player outside of niche situations like the Ms Marvel one above this card seems like a waste. — calderc23 · 82
It's mostly as a way to force the various cards that trigger on completing a side-scheme. Cards like Followed, Justice Served, or Skilled Investigator (probably the more relevant option). Aggression has a similar situation with Minions. There are a lot of cards that are anti-minion; but you may have a scenario in which Minions never enter play due to the random nature of the game. That can happen with side schemes too. The card being able to potentially break-even on its own is pretty nice. — RolandWright · 2407
In my multiplayer experience there's usually a side scheme out, so this card isn't very necessary for enabling those cards — stephenfurmanek · 7
I should have specified that I almost always play solo. — AlexandreP · 36
Such a solid solo Justice card! Of course make sure the scenario you're playing has plenty of manageable side schemes to target. Wasp loves this card and really only needs one copy with her ability to take from her discard back into her deck. — DoxaLogos · 205
Nice synergy with Chance Encounter. — Fry · 227

The hype around this card drives me nuts. It's a bad card. The argument is that drawing three cards is worth dealing with the side scheme. Here's why that's not worth it.

  • The net gain is +2 cards, not 3 (because you're spending this one). You could've just had any other card in hand to play in the first place without getting the side scheme.
  • Unless you're playing solo, you're usually going to spend more effort than 2 cards/resources to clear the side scheme that you reveal, as the amount of threat that most side schemes start with scales based on player count.
  • If you are playing solo, you might be able to get away with a resource-neutral or even resource-positive use of this card. However, it's a maybe; if there's very little threat, you could just play Turn The Tide and push toward winning the game or clearing minions anyway, without the risk.
  • Most scenarios beyond the Core Set have negative When Revealed or When Defeated effects, and since One Way Or Another reveals the side scheme, you will suffer those effects.
  • Lastly, this card doesn't actually solve a problem. Looking for Trouble, the closest counterpart to this card, is also a risky play, but it solves a problem: Aggression's lack of threat removal. Looking For Trouble also puts the minion into play (as opposed to revealing it), and most minions don't have HP that scales with player count.

It can be a fun card to play with, enabling silly combos. But it's what a Magic player would call a "cute" or "win more" card; it doesn't actually enable you to win games, just magnify the victory that you were already going to get.

Leethus · 12
I agree with you. I stopped playing this card for months, except in solo in rare scenarios. (Can be used to dig into your deck if you need to find a card.) Especially the fact that revealing an side scheme will often create more trouble than winning few cards. At the end, you gain a reward, and discard your reward to solve the problem you just created, lol. — Onsentape · 1
I have a lot to say on this card as it's one of my favorites. Everything you say is exactly correct when you are putting this card in a generic deck to play against many scenarios (as virtually all on this site are). And playing this card in multiplayer is comical. This is a scenario-specific solo powerhouse. You should know exactly what side scheme you are planning to get when you include it in your deck. I played 3x against Heroic Thanos to get The Titan's Throne and against Heroic Sentinel to get Abduction Protocols. — Stretch22 · 436
Just chiming in to add that I had to learn what Stretch22 is saying the hard way; tried a cool looking deck off here (in two-handed solo) based around killing side schemes and got murdered instead because there really weren't any good/manageable options even though the board state was really safe/manageable otherwise. Definitely situational, and excellent within that situation, but not at all what I'm looking for when it comes to my general Justice strategy and my playstyle as a whole. This is a card that makes me wish this site had Sideboards like RingsDB so I could keep a note of it for specific scenario variations to swap it in. — Láthspell · 6