Cable Begrudgingly Teams Up With Deadpool

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Parz · 1

This deck can start super slow, but once it's built up, Cable is an absolute monster. A 47 card deck can, a lot of the times, be a bad thing and make a normal MC deck more inconsistent. With Cable it's quite the opposite. Since his player side schemes go to the victory display (and many of them will yoink you a free support/upgrade/ally/weapon), as the game goes on, the more powerful he will become. By the late stages you will have a board full of all your upgrades/supports/weapons, and you will only be drawing cards that will progress you to win the encounter.

For his setup -

In true solo: I'd always recommend starting with Technovirus Purge. This will allow you to reach a base thwart of 3 to get that base scheme threshold and make further player (and non-player) side schemes a lot faster to take down immediately upon playing them.

In multi-player: Specialized Training is your best friend. Getting your entire table a preferred extra base stat boost + potential draw per turn is an immense amount of value.

Deadpool is a really great ally in this deck that will always stick to the board. His ability to fully heal when he dies from consequential damage in return for an acceleration token isn't anything difficult to handle for Cable in justice. This also makes the utilization of Frenemies much easier as Deadpool will, more often than not, be on the board for a while after he is played.

Sonic Rifle Is also a great card for Cable. He only has one other restricted card in his deck which is Plasma Rifle so it works perfectly with it. It's also another target for Lock and Load so it doesn't become a dead card if you don't draw this specific side scheme earlier in the game. Sonic Rifle will allow you to setup easy turns to flip to AE when needed. Just confuse the enemy then flip.

As far as replaceable slots Even the Odds is pretty bad in solo play and wouldn't recommend it. Predictable Ploy is always an option if you want some form of treachery cancellation. Clear the Area is also always a good option in any justice deck too.