Psionic Cable - cleared Expert Next Evolution.

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maxbot10 · 69

This was the deck I built for the Next Evolution Expert campaign, played true solo, and it had no trouble at all, taking no damage until Sinister (hard to avoid as Telepathy was the first superpower). Thought I would post as I looked through and hadn't seen many lists that leaned into the Psionic side of Cable's kit, though the deck is fairly obvious.

Key cards

I think Graymalkin has had plenty said about it already, but it is obviously insane, regularly giving you 2-3 resources a turn. Use Cable to put Build Support into play as part of Setup to get this into play ASAP.

Heroic Intuition is necessary to get into play as well as it means Cable can clear nearly all player side schemes in a single basic action. Between Graymalkin and Cable readying with this in play, the first player side scheme completed each round is effectively free. The Mission Prepped campaign environment gives you this turn 1 for free which is incredible, though I did not know when building the deck. I may test a second copy outside the Next Evolution campaign, it is that important to get early.

The Power of the Mind This deck was built around this, with 10 cards that benefit from it. When you see a double resource card you want to abuse it as much as possible. Not sure I saw a turn that I couldn't get value from it - 1 or 2 where I might have chosen not to. Between upgrades and player side schemes, you quickly strip so many cards out the deck the concentration of Psionic cards feels a lot higher, especially with the card draw in the deck.

Telekinetic Blast One of the most efficient damage cards in the game when fully-powered. The general strategy for the deck is effectively ping the stage 2 villain down with with Plasma Rifle while clearing all the player side schemes. Then on the second run through your deck, 2 Telekinetic Blast should destroy the stage 3 villain.

One Way or Another has rarely felt safer, as there is usually spare thwart. 2 felt like the right number though, just because you never want to draw 2 the same turn and scenarios can run out of side schemes quite quickly.

Nick Fury Good ol' Saint Nick is still one of the best cards and feels ridiculous when you put him into play off Call for Backup, especially if it is from the discard pile after playing him the turn before.

Blindfold A Psionic card to take advantage of The Power of the Mind, as well between this and Precognition you have decent options to stop the worst chains of nonsense that Marvel Champions can throw at you.