Captain America V Red Skull for GetUpandGame!PerfectMatchUp

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Aoshi312 · 1222

Hi welcome to the twenty eight in a series of decks I plan to build directly influenced by the amazing Get Up and Game! Perfect Match-Up series found here: Please check out the channel and the video since I thought it was an amazing gift to the community and it inspired me to start playing Champions more regularly.

My goal with this series is to create a unique deck inspired by each challenge match-up in the video using all the suggested cards plus some of my own to create a deck that any player can use to check out the challenge. If you’re missing some cards from a deck please ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to find replacements from your collection so that you can have fun too! Hopefully I can build a deck that can beat the villain on both standard and expert. I’ll try to document any tweaks I made while playing the deck too.

Next up we have the classic match-up of Captain America against the Red Skull. One of my favorite heroes against one of my favorite villains! Red Skull can be tough but Leadership Cap is really unparalleled and he earned three satisfying back to back wins, one on Standard and two on Expert while also handling his nemesis with ease.

This is a fairly standard Cap Leader ship deck. Grab a bunch of Avengers and beef them up with Mighty Avengers, Team Training, Lead from the Front, and Avengers Assemble! for some incredibly powerful turns.

The The Triskelion and Avengers Tower let you get out additional allies and take advantage of Band Together to get out even more allies. Steve is loaded with resources too from Quincarrier, Clarity of Purpose, and Super-Soldier Serum. Start slow building your allies up and using Strength In Numbers to get more and more powerful. Remember that Agent 13 is not an Avenger so unless its early game, I would probably avoid playing her to keep your team synergies intact.

I always enjoy playing Captain America so this was no exception. A very fun and thematic match-up!