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ClassyRobot · 3755

Nova is well known as a minion monster at this point in the game, but an often overlooked benefit of Unleash Nova Force is that you get the same effect when all threat is removed from a scheme. So…let’s take his controlling of board states to 11!

Draw, draw, draw.

Clear the Area while Unleashing the Nova Force gets you 2 cards if you remove all the scheme + 1 from Skilled Investigator if it was a defeated Side Scheme.

Turn the Tide after clearing threat from a scheme will also often net 2 if you can defeat a minion with TtT. Even if you can’t you get the ready to possibly take them out or keep Thwarting. One Way or Another needs little explanation but it gives you both card draw and targets to clear.

And of course you have the likes of Fury and Moon Girl to each frequently give you 3 more cards.

On turns with less explosions Justice Served can help you ready for more resources from the Helmet.

The deck as posted is geared solo, but is easily scalable into higher play counts, starting with swapping out Pivotal Moment with Agile Flight and possibly swapping OWOA with more Skilled Investigator to help your team. I would recommend lower player counts for this though simply for the fact your turn goes a lot longer as you can do so much!

For those who don’t want to include "Go for Champions!" as it is incredibly busted I’d recommend another Justice Served or Adrenaline Rush for more damage when you Unleash. A third Turn the Tide isn’t a bad idea either.

Thanks for checking this out!