Wasp Justice - Nadia & Monica BFF

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Monica Chang by herself is a formidable card, for the cost of 3, you get a chum blocker and effectively thwart for 4. Nadia Van Dyne then amplifies her effectiveness by shuffling Monica back into the deck whenever she finds her way in the discard pile.

These two are BFFs and the synergy between them was explored in many popular decks such as G.I.R.L. in the chair.

In this deck, we want to streamline this experience for multiplayer by

  1. efficiently playing Monica
  2. Maximizing the effects of Monica and Surveillance Team
  3. Offer other utilities to your teammate

Encountering Monica (By Chance Encounter)

Wasp herself has decent side scheme thwarting abilities with Giant Help and Rapid Growth both thwarting for 4. This allows us to use #Chance Encounter as the main way of tutoring Monica. This works before and after you have shuffled Monica into the deck with Nadia.

Once in your hand, we will cheat Monica into play by using Meditation turning Monica from a 4-card play into a 2-card play, effectively cutting the cost by half!

More importantly both Monica and Meditation can be recycled by Nadia, making this a consistent combo.

Doubling your thwarting with Homeland Intervention

Thwarting 3 a turn using Surveillance Team might not seem worth it compare to other cards. But here is where Homeland Intervention comes in and doubles the thwart 3 into a thwart 6 while preserving the snoop counters.

We then recycle Homeland Intervention using Vigilante Training which itself can be recycled by Nadia. Turning this from a burst thwart card 3 times per deck cycle into the best thwart card played 5 to 6 times per deck cycle.

Buying time for your team

This is a multiplayer deck focused on thwarting. You can't win by yourself but you can buy time for your friends to set up and swing big.

You can further reinforce that by using Avengers Mansion and Helicarrier for your friends. This deck don't really need many resources as a constant stream of Meditation helps you cheat in most cards you want to play anyways.