One for the Money (True Solo Nova vs Expert Ronan/Thanos)

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journeyman2 · 20506

Nova is wealthy in resources, but his kit is lacking in things to spend them on. While other aspects load him up with cheap attack/thwart/defend events to spend his 2x per turn on, here we are spending it on allies! This Nova deck can solo expert Ronan and expert Thanos without breaking a sweat!

One for the Money

With such great resource generation, it stands to reason that card draw is where we should focus our efforts. Unleash Nova Force is unfortunately unreliable to build around, so we are going a different direction.

2- and 3- cost allies are the perfect target for Nova in order to play multiple allies per turn (Supernova Helmet + double resource). This gets crazier when you consider how many allies are getting us cards back. Maria Hill, White Tiger, Kaluu, Nick Fury, Moon Girl, Ironheart are our base to build out from. Reducing one with Supernova Helmet, drawing, readying helmet, and playing another while still maintaining almost a full hand is incredible.

All of these allies make Band Together an auto-include. From turn 1 it will be an extra double resource and often powering "Go for Champions!" or Moon Girl on its own. at worst you discard it for Champions Mobile Bunker or it’s only a single for Nova’s events, but I haven’t found it lacking yet!

Mockingbird provides the standard two blocks for our frail hero. Spider-Man is great for burst thwart and damage. Vivian is amazing to delay things we can’t deal with right away.

Two for the Show

Nova can reliably play 2 allies a turn, one for the money (SiN) and two for the show (chumping). We will turn these extra allies into a Strength In Numbers battery.

Strength In Numbers turns the low stats of our various allies into more cards. Avengers Mansion, you guessed it, more cards. Champions Mobile Bunker, cards on a stick.

Champions Mobile Bunker is actually incredible useful. It’s Spiritual Meditation without having to use a card from hand. You can get rid of useless cards, particularly cards from Nova’s hero kit that may be unplayable in the given situation, like Unleash Nova Force and Forcefield Projection, or his thw/atk cards when you don’t need them respectively. Since I’ve been running this in Thanos, Mockingbird was often a discard target because of stalwart. Champions Mobile Bunker filters your deck quickly and gets your good event cards and allies back into the action.

Three to Make Ready

This deck has pretty low outputs of damage and thwart at first glance. The key here is Ms. Marvel. Kamala is getting us back our best value cards, guaranteeing us double Pot Shot/Lightspeed Flight plays.

Double Pot Shot and a board of ally attacks is generally how we will end the game. However, using our events to clear the board with Unleash Nova Force can continuously ready Nova and draw more cards. The card draw + extra Supernova Helmet resources turn into more allies, which turn into more draw, until we draw back into Pot Shot and Lightspeed Flight. Our engine spirals out of control so often it’ll leave you thinking “huh I thought I just cycled my deck a turn ago, doing it already again?!?” This makes Unleash Nova Force a little more reliable, since we can consistently churn through our deck and get to the events we need, without relying on Nova’s lacking stats.

And Four to Go! (For Champions)

Nova is a bit on the frail side outside of Protection. Here we are using "Go for Champions!", an absolutely bonkers card, especially with a board full of Champions allies. But the real power is with Regroup. With your nice board of allies, you can block multiple attacks while getting you cards back to hand. (Kudos to @moby for the idea, I saw this in his Ironheart!!) These allies can then be played right away, netting you more cards or in Vivian’s case completely shutting down Thanos in a loop.

How This Deck Solos Hard Villains

Thanos is a difficult villain to true solo. He requires thwart, attack, defense, and ways to deal with the Infinity Stones. Vivian completely shuts this down, by shutting off the Forced Response on the Infinity Gauntlet. This stops Thanos from resolving his stones, or getting more stones. In a pinch, you can even ditch Regroup for the Reality Stone to protect your other cards!

Moving on to Ronan the Accuser. Nova has some big advantages over other heroes. His lack of building requirement means that he can start board clearing right away.

Turn 1 Milano guarantees a turn 1 Supernova Helmet. "Go for Champions!" can stop 3-4 attack turns handily and gets around Ronan’s retaliate in stage 3. Power Stone gives Nova something to do with his basic actions and really opens up Unleash Nova Force plays. Vivian can also blank Fanaticism in a pinch, or blank Universal Weapon to open up Mockingbird. Mockingbird is a great 5th defensive option (after Go For Champions! and Regroup) once you remove the Universal Weapon. I was able to clear Ronan with only 6 damage all game, 2 from Universal Weapon and 4 from retaliate.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Nova smashing Ronan and Thanos as much as I did!!

If you like this, you should also check out Moby’s Ironheart deck!


May 23, 2022 Schmendrix · 4806

Great deck, brilliant write up. Someday I'll get tired of SiN Leadership decks. Today is not that day.

May 24, 2022 journeyman2 · 20506

Thanks @Schmendrix I’m a big fan of your decks as well!

Usually I’m not a fan of SiN in a lot of heroes since most heroes can only afford one ally and then likely need to chump it, and then you have a bunch of dead SiN in deck. But Nova is a money hero and discounts two allies per turn! You can then use one for chumping and play another two next turn to be at 3, perfect for Band Together and SiN! Regroup just makes it better, you can chump all attacks for a round then play those allies again.

Thank you for the kind words, I’ll look forward to your next deck!

May 24, 2022 goose · 53

This is a fun deck. I think you've changed my perspective on Regroup. Cards that are a little slower don't feel as powerful in high difficulty encounters, but Regroup works so well here.

My version of SiN Ironheart has such good natural draw that it may not need to be added, but I'm going to try Regroup now. (

Thanks again.

May 24, 2022 dr00 · 39823

really fun deck! i love the writeup

May 24, 2022 Moby · 4548

Thanks for the shoutout! Although I publish my Ironheart version everyone is still probably going to think I copied you... just kidding ;)

May 25, 2022 journeyman2 · 20506

@goose Thanks for taking a look! Ironheart is also incredibly fun! I’ve been enjoying her in protection mostly, but will have to try some other builds!

@dr00 That means a lot coming from the most author with the most flavorful write-ups around! Thank you!

@Moby If you have a link, I’d happily share it! Regroup is such a broken card for defense/card advantage, two things that Nova really needs. Even with a poor draw, you can still re-play the Regrouped ally(ies) so your SiN and Band Together never shut off, or filter them with Mobile Bunker. Game changer!

May 31, 2022 marktry · 105

You wrote " Band Together an auto-include. From turn 1 it will be an extra double resource " But that's only if you have 1 ally out. If you get no allies out, then Band Together is a NULL card. It's a great use of this card, Otherwise, BTW.

May 31, 2022 journeyman2 · 20506

@marktry You are absolutely correct! With 10 allies and Helmet, it is very rare to not start with 1-2 from turn 1!! You can even draw into BT off of a turn 1 White Tiger for instance and keep the chain of allies going!

For example, let’s say we have 5 cards after playing helmet. Use helmet and two cards to play White Tiger and draw two. Play Nick Fury with 3 cards and helmet to draw 3. Use Band Together to play any 2 or 3 cost card from your remaining 3 cards (or SiN on the two allies you played to draw two more, for a total of 5 in hand). This is all without calculating for double resources as well.

Even if you somehow only draw into one ally, that turns on Band Together as a wild to play Helmet out of your deck. Late game if your board got wiped somehow, you can always pitch it to Mobile Bunker. So many good cards cost 3 in this deck (Moon Girl, GfC), lately I’ve been wondering how to squeeze in a second copy!

Jun 15, 2022 AeroHudson · 1

Love this deck! Feels very unique and tailored for Nova. Nice work!

Jun 15, 2022 journeyman2 · 20506

@AeroHudson Thank you!! This game has such a great community!

Aug 23, 2022 Graceclaw · 27

Just absolutely decimated Standard 2/Expert 2 Drang (Power Drain modular) two times in a row with this deck. Never felt threatened at all, not even close. Regroup recursion with Fury is just nutty, and you're spot on with how well Nova enables it. This deck is just silly powerful.

Jan 12, 2023 journeyman2 · 20506

@Graceclaw Missed your comment somehow, thank you! Sounds like you piloted it excellently

Mar 02, 2023 Arczi · 1

With every deck you made, you try to find the biggest potential of it's hero. And you did it again with this one. Very strong deck, with insane economy value. Plus almost constant allies on the board which makes things even easier. Nice one.

Jul 07, 2023 mv2392 · 96

Playing this through Expert/standard 2 Mutant Genesis right now. Went with Defender I think for one way or another and skilled investigator. So strong and so much fun. Still have mansion attack and magneto to go but I suspect it will do fine. Great deck. Thanks.