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NormalModeGuy · 844

Legendary Lvl-Up! - Ironheart

"I can build something lighter, faster, stronger."

Welcome to the latest and possibly greatest addition to the Ironman-style heroes, Ironheart!

What makes Ironheart the best so far? The fact that she doesn't have to waste time looking for her suit unlike Warmachine and Ironman. You start in your suit. Just not a good suit this time.

The starting suit is an acceptable but lacklustre 1/2/3 spread and needs 6 Progress Counters to Level-Up! That sounds like a chore, right?

So, How Are We Achieving This?

Justice, that's how! Or rather, let's abuse our good friend One Way or Another. This card is undeniably one of the strongest cards there is in Justice or even possibly the game's landscape. We can use this to pick up a meaningless Side Scheme we can chew through and draw 3 cards! Isn't that wild! But draw power alone won't cut it! What we're looking for is cards like Stroke of Genius, Photon Beam, Fly Over! These cards can really help us get those Progress Counters flying onto Riri!

To cover our backs, we're running 3 copies of Multitasking and a whole lot of Genius resources to make sure we're doing as much as we can whenever we can. Yaw and Roll is a fantastic new card that does absolutely nothing for us whilst we're in our Lvl1 Suit. But that's okay because level 2-3 we're always Aerial-Trait so it works out over time. We have 3 defence in the first suit, just roll with the punches! Progress requires risks! We have 2 copies of Assess the Situation because it is a Genius resource and can help us when we need it. It's not great at 1 but at 2 it's there when we need it in early levels.

Ideally, try to mulligan for your One Way or Another and other cards that stack progress and you'll be Levelling-Up like a true legend!


May 20, 2022 Dansome · 1

I like your deck. Would you consider adding Moon Girl?

May 21, 2022 NormalModeGuy · 844

Thank you. :) As for Moon Girl, she can certainly be added! I'd swap Eros for her. Moon Girl can work great towards helping the deck achieve what it needs. The main way that this deck is built is low-cost high rewards.