She-Hulk - sneak meditation

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neothechosen · 4523

Working on this deck, expect tweaks.

Simple enough: Hellcat recursion.

Use Call for Aid: she's your only avenger ally.

Put her in play with Sneak Attack, double thwart with Command Team, send her back to your hand!

Put her into play with Meditation. Reccur blocking allies with Rapid Response or get them back with Regroup and then do some group Meditation to send them back in combat!

Meditation should also help you Focused Rage or with your Split Personality problem!


Jan 27, 2022 stilonxy · 2300

Intriguing! I'm very excited to see how this deck develops. One thought; you have 6 cards (Call for Aid+Sneak Attack) that can only target Hellcat which seems a bit excessive. Maybe add a few Get Ready instead to spread the risk of not having Command Team ready?

Jan 27, 2022 neothechosen · 4523

@stilonxy Agreed! I need to balance things out and I will probably post an update or edit the text when I get there.

Jan 27, 2022 neothechosen · 4523

@stilonxy I was actually thinking Ready to Rumble to negate the exhausted part of meditation... She Hulk needs to attack (Superhuman Strength, One-Two Punch). Or Earth's Mightiest Heroes...

Jan 27, 2022 Pickles · 26

Great Idea. I still stress over regularly flipping to AE with no confuse but you at least have objections. I wonder about Sneak Attack as it only saves one resource and if you cannot afford to replay Hellcat you will sit on her, effectively costing that resource. Conversely solo, where I play, Regroup does not seem worth it as you will only get back one ally. For that Make the Call is cheaper albeit with more restrictive play options. I'd struggle not to put a Helicarrier in with Meditation :). I like the Ready to Rumble idea too.

Jan 27, 2022 Pickles · 26

Edit: Also Maria Hill for Lockjaw. I will say if you use Ready to Rumble the turn you play it alongside Meditation then you do not save anything - the 2 resources to ready exactly matching the 2 extra meditation gives you for tapping...

Jan 27, 2022 neothechosen · 4523

@Pickles I get what you say about confusing the villain. Still, with "I object", Superhuman Law Division , Hellcat or the help other allies, threath should be manageable. You might want to try Justice with Agent Coulson/Counterintelligence and Sonic Rifle if you really don't like it.

You're right, too, about Sneak Attack saving you only one resource. However, starting in hero form with 4 cards and Hellcat in play, you can bring her back to your hand, play Sneak Attack and STILL be able to play One-Two Punch, which is pretty much your bread and butter. Without Sneak Attack it takes basically all of your turn to play Hellcat. I thought about throwing in some more Avengers, but then Call for Aid doesn't mean "Call Hellcat", which was the purpose of the deck.

Jan 27, 2022 Pickles · 26

re Flipping I did not mean there was anything wrong with the deck just I wish there was a way to do so more safely outside of Justice :) It's not the accumulation of threat I worry about but the burst of an Advance or equivalent.

Just sneaking in Hellcat and using One Two punch means you are in early game (well I am - I can't do aggro just intense control) so I would hope to have more options within a couple of turns. One two punch would be more of a fire fighting move at the cost of development (or long term).

On further review, ie copying and tweaking, I can't countenance skipping Endurance and the possibility of doing 15 point Gamma Slam to satisfy my well hidden Timmy.

I didn't mention Call for Aid - I agree with you though I'd be happy with 2 copies.

Jan 27, 2022 neothechosen · 4523

@Pickles Lol no worries, I'm the first to admit this need polishing (as I said, expect tweaks!).

You make valid points, namely Helicarrier (cannot play Quincarrier in AE)... I may come up with a new version or EDIT soon.

Thanks for the input!

Jan 28, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 1832

I've been looking at Meditation for Hellcat as well. Im currently working in Aggression with a Flip-Every-Turn sort of deck built around the Brute Force and Superhuman Strength upgrades to buff As One and Quick Strike. Use Plan of Attack to find those (or Gamma Slam) and Assault Training to throw them back in the deck again.

For me then, Meditation is all about getting 4 thwart out of 1 resource and an exhaust through Hellcat (and if I'm not attacking due to Brute Force I dont mind this exhaust). I think she's a perfect target for that card though.

Wanted to share my ideas in aggression... Love what youve come up here with for Leadership too! Hopefully she'll get some love again with these new cards.

Jan 29, 2022 neothechosen · 4523

@teamcanadahockey2002 Thanks! I've tried a few changes too (Ready to Rumble instead of Regroup, Helicarrier instead of quin, Maria Hill...).

Your idea sounds great! I still find exhausting for Meditation to be painful TBH, so your plan might make it more interesting!

I also tried justice (Agent Coulson, Counterintelligence, Sonic Rifle). It was okay but IMO not a revelation. Took the same deck with Hulk and... surprisingly it was playable, but still feels like like a chore. :(

I just wished they redesigned him from scratch!

Jan 29, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 1832

@neothechosen I get what you mean about not wanting to exhaust. I consider that to likely be 2 ATK or THW missing as part of the payment for Meditation which slows pace a lot. I guess thats why I was thinking of another Brute Force deck. The other idea I have is decks that stay AE all the time. Perhaps a Leadership one where you Honorary Avenger yourself for one Hero turn trip and also spam Sneak Attack? Play all the 4 or 5 cost allies + Avengers Tower can trigger in AE too...

I think Meditation in Justice will be more enjoyable once the SHIELD cards from Miles Morales show up. Theres a lot of stuff that could lead to alter-ego only decks with Monica Chang, Global Logistics, Surveilence Teams and Homeland Intervention. Beat Cops would be a great target for Meditation. I think for some characters it could become pretty viable to camp out in AE except when you draw that signature damage card thats 8 for 3 cost.

Jan 29, 2022 neothechosen · 4523

@teamcanadahockey2002 Absolutely right! We seem to think among the same lines, I too think the SHIELD cards are going to create exciting novelties. I got a SHIELD deck in my head for when it releases, I think all AE SHIELD characters could benefit from (starting with Black Widow, but in her case staying in AE isn't a new thing).

Can't wait for sinister motives! It's going to be a long wait!