Black Panther - Justice for Wakanda!

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stilonxy · 4477

Black Panther - Justice for Wakanda!

Holy cow, playing this deck is the most fun I’ve had in a long time. And not only is it fun, it’s also extremely powerful and versatile. This is a control deck and should be played as such. You have both great minion and threat removal, as well as good burst damage potential. Every phase provides a fun puzzle where you have to make tough choices.

This deck is mainly built with true solo in mind but can surely work in a multiplayer setting.

The idea

Let's be honest, this deck is in no way shape or form revolutionary. It's built around the typical justice formula with some tweaks. However, it works very well for Black Panther.

There are some really good Black Panther leadership decks out there that revolves around card draw combined with thinning out the deck to optimize the Wakanda Forever! cycling. Now, with some fairly new additions to the justice aspect it’s possible to build an equally good justice deck. What makes Black Panther a really good choice for the new justice card draw meta is The Golden City. If you start your turn in alter-ego with The Golden City and Avengers Mansion out you’ll have 9 cards in your hand. And this is only the starting hand. You then have the potential to draw even more cards to set up strong combos, and more importantly; set up your hero specific upgrades as quickly as possible.

The strategy

Apart from the Vibranium Suit, you’ll want to mulligan for The Golden City for obvious reasons. This deck’s thwart potential is rather low compared to a “typical” justice deck, so you only want to switch to alter-ego when the villain is confused with Sonic Rifle. The idea is basically to sit in hero and control the board and then go alter-ego when available for huge card draws to set up some big burst windows. A lot of times you will one shot the villains' last stage with some good draws.

Instead of using big thwart events the idea is to nibble away on the threat with several different tools. Tactical Genius, combined with allies and Beat Cop will remove quite a lot of threat and give plenty of opportunities to make use of Clear the Area. I’ve never had any issues with the threat at all.

Noteworthy cards

Don’t be too trigger happy with One Way or Another, know when to play it and what side schemes to be on the lookout for.

Remember that Tactical Genius is a thwart, it thus synergize with Turn the Tide. Hence you can do some insane burst combos with Wakanda Forever! and Turn the Tide.

Beat Cop is actually great value for Black Panther since it goes well with his "thwart style" and it will stick on the board for as long as you please. Also, Black Panther relies a lot on his hero specific upgrades to clear minions. Beat Cop will give you another option for this and what’s maybe even more important; it can potentially clear his nemesis minion in a single swoop!

Don’t forget that Shuri can fetch you any upgrade, I usually use her to get Sonic Rifle.


I’ve play tested this deck quite a lot. I can comfortably say that this version is the best I’ve tried. However, if you want to tinker some I’d suggest looking into different upgrades and allies.

Quake could be a good addition. I’ve tried her but removed her for Ironheart instead. Another card draw can create some clutch moments!

More survival? Endurance could be useful, but I rarely struggle with health since your Vibranium Suit will heal you, and you can also recover in alter-ego. Crew Quarters could also be considered but I’ve found it rather redundant, you rarely want to top your health since you want to reap the benefit of Vibranium Suit.

If you want to roll multiplayer with this deck I'd suggest dropping Turn the Tide for Multitasking or For Justice!, and change Helicarrier for Quincarrier.

Last thoughts

I've yet to lose with this deck on expert, but It's definitely not an idiot proof deck. If you're unlucky and have all upgrades and The Golden City in the bottom of the deck you'll struggle quite a bit, but it's always fun with a good challenge :)

I'm grateful for any feedback!


Jan 09, 2022 namor · 43

awesome writeup and deck idea! I'm testing something similar with the self imposed rule of no allies

Jan 09, 2022 stilonxy · 4477

@namor thanks for the kind words!

Cool idea to run no allies, however I'm not sure I'd use that many events as it will make it harder to draw Wakanda Forever! efficiently. There are plenty of good support cards to help with the thwarting which you might want to look into :)

Jan 09, 2022 namor · 43

thanks for the input. might drop First Aid and Multitasking for some Beat Cop and maybe Helicarrier and another The Power of Justice

Jan 09, 2022 neothechosen · 9662

@stilonxy Cool deck! I wonder if you have playtested with Heroic Intuition and Justice Served (which would seem like an efficient way to get rid of most side schemes and then ready)?

Jan 09, 2022 dr00 · 37695

i've never really liked justice bp, but i think this is one i would like. sonic rifle with golden city are so much value

Jan 10, 2022 stilonxy · 4477

@neothechosen thanks! I actually included them in my first iteration. The problem I had with them was that, ironically enough, they removed too much threat and thus wasted activations of Tactical Genius which felt very inefficient. Using this "nibbling" approach will force you to be a bit more careful with One Way or Another but it pays off in the long run in my opinion.

@dr00 same, that's why I gave it a go and ended up with this :) Glad you find it intriguing!

Jan 10, 2022 Brian-V · 41247

@stilonxy Man, I can't even remember the last time I played BP - Justice. Love the Tactical Genius / Turn the Tide combo, will definitely have to give this a try!

Jan 17, 2022 Moby · 4481

The new Meditation card from Vision's pack (exhaust your alter ego to play a card for 3 less) could be a good fit here, since you already want to be in alter ego for Golden City, and its the perfect cost for bringing in Sonic Rifle or Beat Cop.

Jul 20, 2022 Schnautza · 40

This setup dispatched Kang with ease. Loved the buildup of BP's upgrades and supports near the end.

Jul 25, 2022 stilonxy · 4477

@Schnautza glad to hear. Justice BP rarely gets any recognition so it's great that more get to see the potential :)