What If #66: What If Rogue Had The Power of Thor?

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samuelrutzick@gmail.com · 46

This one is built entirely around that issue of What If. Now, there’s no Mjolnir equivalent, so Jarnbjorn has to do. The plan for this one is simple: try to get an Asgard ally as soon as possible, and then use that to put out The Bifrost. Bifrost calls Angela, Throg, what have you.

Similarly, Rogue can use Valkyrie or the Thors to put out Quincarrier. That and the Physiques feed Jarnbjorn. Feel free to substitute Lie in Wait for the Mean Swings. It should still work fine, I just thought the theme worked a bit better with Mean Swing.


Jul 08, 2024 SoloMarvelChampion · 1137

This looks fun and I'll give it a try! I'm going to swap Quincarrier out for The X-Jet though so I don't need the Avenger trait to play it. I've had games with Rogue in which I didn't have the trait I needed when I wanted to play a trait-locked card, and that's an easy fix.

Jul 08, 2024 dr00 · 41929

looks like a fun deck. are you finding much value from War Room though?

loving the all-in on asgard stuff by using Godlike Stamina as well. good stuff.

Jul 08, 2024 samuelrutzick@gmail.com · 46

War Room is a little situational, and - like most of the Asgard stuff, I'll be honest - dependent on the scenario having enough minions. I found it helpful because Angela, Valkyrie, and Jane!Thor are getting minions out and then beating them up. If you're going to be doing it anyway, you might as well get some threat dealt with, right?