Thompson Tech

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tmart2323 · 74

Welcome to Thompson Tech! This is a fairly typical Repurpose deck with the usual suspects like Energy Barrier and Forcefield Generator but with a Space Knight Guardian twist. Venom's kit comes with a handy card you may have heard of called Run and Gun which fits perfectly into a repurpose build. Run and Gun can feel a bit weak when compared to other premier 3-cost attack events such as Swinging Web Kick unless you have ways to boost your hero's attack. Repurpose fills that gap neatly so we can be double dipping on the boosted stats. What Doesn't Kill Me is a natural fit since the Symbiotic Bond ability gives us easy access to wilds.

Your ideal pop off turn is after you've drawn a few times with Spider-Sense and have a tech upgrade ready to trash. Keep in mind, if you're planning to kill the villain, you can even throw Multi-Gun in the bin to Repurpose! To that end, all your weapons are also tech traited which can be handy.

While you build, Knowhere and repeated Starhawk plays are a bit of an engine to cycle the deck and get some extra consistent damage, because Venom is a Guardian Character! A few extra Guardian Allies will help round out this package. Groot is good to infinitely block low attack minions, and Gamora is great for finding our best events or even just that extra ER to make your pop off turn successful.

So get ready for some huge pop off one shot turns with our favorite symbiote. This deck can easily find ~30 damage turns fairly easily! Enjoy!