Perfect Hulk - Basic with a bit of Justice

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Alimeril · 36

Introducing to you the best HULK deck ever.

After playing many expert games with this deck and crushing it, I believe this is the perfect deck for Hulk and it will be remain as the best. The cost of the every card are calculated accurately in different situations, and I cannot believe my eyes how many effective actions I could perform in each turn.

This deck uses all Hulk- favoured basic cards. Actually in its core it’s a “Basic” deck with a little flavour of justice; that completely solves the Hulk problem with threat control.


This deck uses three core resource supports: Helicarrier, Quincarrier and Deft Focus. I removed Energy and Genius because of their anti synergic resources and added two copies of The Power in All of Us with so many important cards to target. Putting down all three of Helicarrier, Quincarrier and Deft Focus completes the economy and shows the villain full Hulk action. We can remove one multitasking for ingenuity, but my experience with the deck shows that you only need three resource generator to do all you need in every turn. Putting these three cards in play and mulligan for them is high priority. And if none of them come in initial rounds, Assess the Situation is a huge help.

There are so many decks that work pretty well, but they need a complex setup and in most situations the allies and other cards like Shield card do the job until Hulk build himself. Otherwise in this deck the setup is VERY FAST and also with cheap effective cards in this deck Hulk himself do most of the works.


With Clear the Area and Multitasking threat is no problem at all and they are so cheap than the can be played whenever they are needed. With mind resources in the deck and also Quincarrier hitting Multitasking full potential is no problem at all. Hulk can easily fight against heavy threat villains. Also, heavy threat remover allies are included like Nick Fury, Professor X and Miles Morales


There are 6 basic allies in the deck that everyone of them are masters in protecting. Nick Fury with the effective cost of 2 removes threat and blocks for Hulk. Ironheart is the perfect chump blocker. Mocking bird provide block and a stun. Professor X blocks and brings confuse that also let Hulk to go in Alter-ego. Blade also can provide cheap block if necessary. And in worst case scenario Hulk can defend himself and get ready with Limitless Stamina and Unstoppable Force.

Cards resource type:

All the resources are strength and mind, except for Deft Focus that is energy and it will come to the table as soon as possible. So Hulk cards and Multitasking resource requirement can easily be fulfilled. Also after putting Quincarrier into play no resource requirement is a problem even attachment discard resource requirements.

Hulk never been this much ready for smashing.


Jan 29, 2023 journeyman2 · 9834

You may want to consider Machine Man over Plan B or Unshakable, he's a Hulk staple and The Power in All of Us will double for his ability

Jan 30, 2023 Alimeril · 36

@journeyman2 We can manipulate the deck slightly depending on which villain we facing. If the villain didn’t have much stun and confuses in his kit, why not we can put machine man in place of the unshakable for more damage and thwart. Plan B and Blade also there for constant dealing with tough statuses, but again if there are not much tough status in the encounter set, Machine man is am excellent replacement for them. Also machine man can replace one of the Multitaskings.