Earth's Mightiest Symbiote (Ant-Man Leadership)

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Moby · 4697

Ever wonder what would happen if Ant-Man found himself a Symbiote Suit? This deck reflects that idea, with Ant-Man being able to Go All Out for 20+ damage! Even on more regular turns I found I was easily able to get his stats to 5+ across the card and wreak havoc on the villain.

Game Plan

The game plan is simple and easy to execute: equip Ant-Man with the Symbiote Suit, boost your stats with Moxie and R&D Facility, and unleash massive damage with Go All Out or clear all threat with Push Ahead. Then use your Avenger allies to ready with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to attack or thwart again, or even use another Go All Out.

Stat boosters

With the Symbiote Suit equipped, Ant-Man flips to giant form and has 4/2/4 stats (with 1 damage ping). Both Giant Strength trigger, and you play a Moxie, so your stats are 7/3/5. Use R&D Facility to make him 8/4/5, and then Go All Out for 17 damage. Use Earth's Mightiest Heroes to ready him, and then swing for another 8 damage. 25 damage in one turn!

(If you want to be really tricky and the cards line up right, switch forms, play Moxie, then Resize, then Moxie again!)

Avenger Allies

Every ally in this deck is an Avenger, so they can be used for Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Black Panther can hold onto a Go All Out or Push Ahead, Kaluu can grab an event you need, and Blade sits there prettily for Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Band Together. You want to keep your allies on the board for this deck, so you can freely use Earths Mightiest heroes and get the most out of Band Together. Band Together is important because it can pay for expensive non-leadership cards like the symbiote suit or Giant Stomp.

Card Considerations

Team-Building Exercise is great for Ant-Man because it not only pays for every ally, but also Giant or Tiny cards depending on the form you are in.

Quincarrier is important because Go All Out, Push Ahead, and R&D have resource requirements you need to hit.

R&D Facility is expensive for what it does, but I found it useful. But this deck can function with out it.

Ready to Rumble is a card I considered for the extra ready, because I found being stunned really hurts this deck and you might need the extra ready to clear the status. I kept the deck at 40 because people are meticulous on that point, but you could easily go a few above 40 and be just fine if you wanted to add one or two.

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Aug 23, 2022 dr00 · 41923

Leadership Ant-Man has always been great, but Symbiote Suit just breathes new life into it. it accelerates and stabilises your setting up with the bigger handsize, +10 HP buffer, and a boost to THW and DEF. then, on your big combo turn, you have an extra card and an ATK boost