Nova Justice - Infinite Card Draw

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Nova Justice - Infinite Card Draw 0 0 0 1.0
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NelsonAllOver · 3286

Here is the video that showcases this deck! (Live 5.25.22)

Nova Hero Spotlight! I am working my way through the heroes playing them in each aspect!

This was one of the most fun decks I have ever played. The goal here is to set up the perfect Unleash Nova Force turn using One Way or Another.

One Way or Another + Unleash Nova Force + Skilled Investigator + Clear the Area is 6 card draw.

Pot Shot can take care of the minions and then let Venom and Pivotal Moment take care of the villain!

In the video above I did 21 damage before the Villain ever took a turn!

You can find me live playing Marvel Champions every week at or catch my past streams on my Youtube channel:


May 26, 2022 Mike_Dee20 · 1

I like the deck a lot, was thinking about putting him in justice to take advantage of justice served and the extra resources readying brings from the helmet....but any struggle just staying alive with only 3 allies? i notice you have crew quarters so i assume you're just flipping back down if not to heal, to avoid an attack (or 2)

Oct 08, 2023 LCGFan2020 · 15

I am loving this deck so far