Drax Protection - Big Damage

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Drax Protection - Solo - 100+ potential damage OTK [LMDT] 31 25 9 1.0
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dyjoso · 1

Modified version of a good deck. I’ve just replaced The Night Nurse and two Med Teams with 3x What Doesn't Kill Me, which is so perfect for Drax, healing him up and letting him swing again. Once he is set up he just wants to keep swinging, so readying him is powerful. Also removed C.I.T.T and Knowhere as I just don’t find them worthwhile in solo. Added a Enhanced Physique to make sure of the physical resource required for What Doesn't Kill Me.

This deck is lots of fun. Pretty easy to deal 10 damage to the villain during the villain turn, and it’s always fun to finish the villain on their own turn :)