Zauber. Widerstand.

Cost: 1.

Spiele diese Karte nur, falls deine Identität das Merkmal Mystiker hat. Max. 1 pro Deck.

Held Aktion (Widerstand): Wähle einen Plan und lege bis zu 4 Karten von deinem Deck ab → entferne für jede auf diese Weise abgelegte Karte 1 Bedrohung von dem Plan.

The Mad Titan's Shadow #50.
Zone der Stille

Very efficient thwarting for the few Mystic heroes in the game. Combos perfectly with Digging Deep and White Fox, which is a very strong archetype. Adam Warlock, whose deck this was released in, doesn't mind depleting his deck because of Soul World. This can be very interesting in a Magik deck too since it's a spell she can bring back to the top of her deck, and by discarding some cards from the top, she can try to find a better card to play from deck using her hero ability. I would always play this card as a Mystic hero in Justice

Stretch22 · 539