Cost: 0.

Held Unterbrechung: Sobald ein Verbündeter unter deiner Kontrolle angreift, bekommt er für den Angriff +3 ANG. Nachdem der Angriff abgehandelt worden ist, lege den Verbündeten ab.

"Hüte dich, großer Unhold! So leicht wirst du mich nicht besiegen!" - Lady Sif
Bryndon Everett
Scarlet Witch #29.
Letztes Gefecht

I love the design of this card. 3 damage in 1 card is incredible, but part of what makes allies the best card type in the game is the ability to soak up a big attack with their last point of health. This makes for a fascinating decision both in how we choose our allies during deckbuilding and in gameplay. You are obviously more likely to use Last Stand if your ally is already a huge beater and you would have wanted to attack with it anyway. I personally look forward to using this with Goliath.

Conclusion: Last Stand makes it into the beautiful gray area of Champions cards that are neither unplayable nor a staple but should always be in consideration when making your Leadership deck.

Stretch22 · 183
It's nice when a card like this shows up to shake things up a little. — neothechosen · 4529
@Stretch22 Wasp or Spidey could fish for it and use it as a finisher together with something like Pinpoint or Swinging Webkick.. — zachertz · 13
Could easily be 16-18 damage with two allies — zachertz · 13