Uncanny Warlock

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Theberg123 · 1469

At a Glance

Player Counts: Effective Tools for all Counts

Play style: Control/Toolbox after some quick ally setups.

Strengths: Good Economy, and extremely flexible in game state contributions, and lots of value from the mid-game on.

Weaknesses: Low tempo on the 1-2 turns you commit to setup . (Also, the Archetypes here are a little played out.)


Here's the Deal

I hope you guys are ready for your 100th Uncanny X-Force deck, your 100th suit up deck, and your 100th Domino Leadership deck, because we're visiting some of the lowest common denominators today.

Joking aside, I was surprised to see no one had made a list with Adam Warlock and Uncanny X-Force yet, considering he is probably one of the few allies that has the best stats-agnostic gains from getting more activations. The still somewhat kinda newish Suit-Up also enables this a lot more with being able to stack X-Force Recruit on our Mystic friend right away as well. Domino is probably one of favorite heroes in the game, and I've haven't had the chance to really talk about her at length, so I figured I'd take the opportunity now while it's available. So, here's my humble take on things.

Getting more activations from AW is the obvious plan here, which I love how the flexibility of his ability compounds with Dominoes own flexibility so much, especially when we can so easily sculpt our hand down to a wild. I know discarding Jackpot with his ability is the big combo, but seriously don't underestimate how great using his ability on a wild every turn is. 1ER for 3 Threat is nice, 3 non-attack damage is nice, and the 3 Healing often pans out to being the most identity healing I've seen in games without Med Teams. It is a lot, and the options are always there.

Here's the Deck

Suit-Up and X-Force Recruit are obvious placements. One Recruit for AW and one for our identity, that way Uncanny Stays on in AE. The only "downside" I've found with this ratio is Outlaw having lower utility without the access to the X-Force Trait (Diamondback is usually fine for an activation/use at the end of the hero phase and a chump block or another use at the start of the next hero phase, so rarely blocking Uncanny). I do think the trade off is worth it though, and there's nothing stopping you from slowing down your game a little if you figure you absolutely need that tough status.

EGS, X-Gene, Weapon-X, Digging Deep, Mission Leader, Clarity of Purpose. All good value and resources are still good in Marvel Champions. Though you could stand to flex these a little bit depending on how many Build Supports your team is running.

Speaking of, BS is great for Uncanny or Painted Lady, Superpower Training is just great for Domino, and Call for Backup is great for Cable, but you likely won't complain about most of your ally grabs. And all of these are good feeders for an AW under Uncanny.

We talked about AW enough, and the options for other X-Force allies isn't entirely deep, but we don't have many objections for the allies here. Marrow is great value for a two cost, X-23 is a 1-Card minion answer and is a nice healing target for LBaL, Deadpool beings more great stats for cost and potential enables game push potential with his ability. Cable is utterly amazing value with Uncanny.

Caliban is oddly the fun-of for the deck, but I still find some pretty fun play lines with him. He probably the best resource sink for the deck when you're looping Jackpot, can make you feel a lot more comfortable pushing Thwarts on the main when you know you can reload, and is really nice for fetching X-23 if you shuffled your deck and discarded her in your last cycle. Honestly just jumpstarting your uncanny board after AW is setup is good enough. Not something I'd usually hold in hand to try to make work, but I think he's a great tuck for Painted Lady to use as a play starter later.

Here's the Draw

Thanks for reading, this deck really lends itself to playing an extremely flexible game plan, which is my favorite way to play the game, and the reason I like playing Domino so much. If you try the deck out, I hope you enjoy. Happy gaming!


Jul 09, 2024 dr00 · 41923

that's such a cool combo. now i'm trying to think of who else i'd like this to work with haha. fun deck

Jul 09, 2024 Leo_the_wookiee · 3

Will this deck be interested in including Multitalented from Jubilee's pack?

Jul 11, 2024 Theberg123 · 1469

@Leo_the_wookiee I think Domino has a lot of potential cool decks that can use it! This one is a little strapped on space that I would hesitate to shift much out that isn't gonna fill a similar role, since you'll likely either be pulling from your X-Force count or your Resource generators. That being said, I think Deadpool, Marrow, Call for Backup, and maybe 1-of X-Gene/Weapon X/Mission Leader could be lifted for the swap. I'm Really hesitant to pull out resource gens though to add 3-cost events. The deck has a lot of flexibility already though!