Legion hits the Jackpot

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tjjj · 223

my first published deck outside of SCL. no time for fancy write-ups, sorry!

the main hook here is to get legion on the board with enraged and attack training and then hit his kicker with jackpot. the value from jackpot is huge for legion resulting in 7 DMG, 2 threat, and 2 heal every activation.

with legion staying on the board, cerebro is in to help grab goldballs, psylocke and Sunfire as needed to add damage, confuse, and attachment removal respectively.

the rest of the kit is pretty standard domino stuff.

find a friend to run Cosmo and hit some cool off turn combos with pip the pug and white fox!

thanks to journeyman2 for the enraged boosters to legion and for the showcase game!


Jul 03, 2024 corbintm · 1485

Maybe this will make me try domino again.

Neat idea!

Jul 03, 2024 Castlefrank47 · 288

Awesome, I love Domino. Definitely going to play this one!

Jul 03, 2024 stilonxy · 5433

Cool idea. I hate to be the bearer of bad news however. Since you count discarded resources (i.e. you don't spend them), a wild resource wont do anything for Legion since it's not specified. Compare it to Hulk to see what I mean.

See latest rules reference: "When resources are not being generated for a cost, a wild resource does not have any characteristic other than “wild resource.” In such contexts, wild resources cannot be interpreted as any of the other resource types."

Jul 03, 2024 tjjj · 223

@stilonxy you are not bearing any bad news I don't know! The target for legion is always jackpot when you can, or any other resources type you have in hand swapped to the top. Not relying on wilds opens up deckbuilding for domino, in my opinion. You'll notice the deck has lots of resources options in it. May hit the occasional wild but it's pretty rare or never happens if you play your cards right.

Jul 03, 2024 stilonxy · 5433

@tjjj ah all good then. My bad. I guess I misinterpreted your description :) I'll have to give the deck ago then!

Jul 03, 2024 tjjj · 223

@stilonxy it's a very literal title lol

Jul 03, 2024 josseroo · 689

I guess you shoot for physical resources while twiddling your thumbs for Jackpot to show up to start the fun

Jul 03, 2024 Dansome · 1

Do you have a link to the played game?

Jul 03, 2024 tjjj · 223

@josseroo xmansion helps smooth things out. I've found I will put the resource on top that I need most to keep board state under control. With cerebro and a small decksize/milling I can get legion back quickly.

Jul 04, 2024 tjjj · 223

@Dansome should be up on journeyman's YouTube channel next week!

Jul 05, 2024 boomguy · 646

Nice one!

Jul 05, 2024 Papaporio · 34

Vaya mazo guapo! Lo acabo de probar! Es divertidísimo!

Jul 08, 2024 dr00 · 41935

Legion hits the jackpot indeed. love that wilds are useless for him, but who cares? we got JACKPOTS

Domino just has all the luck, even when she doesn't lol