Rocket Raccoon - I've Got a Plan!

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RogueSquadron · 315

Rocket is using events and upgrades to reduce damage, reflect damage, or get toughness. Energy Barrier is good for getting rid of toughness on an attacker, and helps slow the damage down. Forcefield Generator can give you not only great defense, but amazing offense.

Use Repurpose on Forcefield Generator, or Rocket Launcher when it gets really low, to get a nice buff.

Schadenfreude is great to use on a Repurpose turn because you will ready to heal another 2 from it when you attack.

Battery packs are best used on Energy Barrier, Forcefield Generator, or Particle Cannon. Don't waste it on pistols or Rocket Launcher. Repurpose the Rocket Launcher if you are not getting minions on you, it is worth more as a buff and a free Ready.

Pinned down can literally make minions a non issue. Most minions have 2 or less ATK, unless they are Elite. So you can tie up 3 at once. You can wait for a 4th one and then hit all 4 of them with a Rocket Launcher! It is super funny when this happens! That is when you use the charges on that weapon.

Nova is amazing. He is like an endless pistol, only you need to feed him one energy. There are a ton of energy resources in this deck. Don't sacrifice him or waste him, use him for damage when getting attacked. Your only limit is the amount of energy resources you have that turn.

Starlord is good at thwarting, and if the enemy has retaliate. And Starhawk is cheap and it is easy to get him back into your hand to recycle him.

There is more than enough damage and thwarting in this deck to handle most villains. Tested with many villains on Expert and it does very well. Rocket is a tough little bugger.


Apr 28, 2024 Theblackflamingo · 1

hey @RogueSquadron this deck look cool but i never played rocket before. Do you have any advice on what would be a good set up for him or this deck at the beginning?

Apr 28, 2024 RogueSquadron · 315

If you were able to get a Forcefield with a basic resource card or your salvage, that would be optimal.

If you draw your first 6 cards and two of them are TECH you cannot play, and you have a salvage in your first 6, ditch the two tech. As soon as you play salvage you can put them from your discard into your deck round 1. This will allow you to try and find more resource cards or cheaper TECH that you can afford.

Rocket really needs his TECH down. The more the better. Most of his damage is shooting everyone with it! Rocket is mostly Thwarting and taking out shots at minions when able.

Repurpose your big TECH items when they have one charge left and swing big with Rocket or do that big Thwart you need.

He is really fun to play. My favorite Guardian.

Use your defense cards to buy you time to get your TECH upgrades down. Once they are down you are just exhausting and/or using charges which allows you to spend your resources on more tech and/or defense.

Rocket and Starlord do a lot of Thwarting in this deck. Nova is a minion sniper. I’ve got a Plan is fantastic. Your guns are what are doing the damage to the minions and villain.

Oh and something people forget a lot is you can’t play your ingenuity while in hero form. You can only put it down when in alter ego. You can use any time after that.